Golden Investment Options in DHA Islamabad

If we look back in the past, people who were searching for an apartment in Islamabad had very restricted alternatives. This likewise left them without any alternatives except risky ones specifically in case of financial investment. Today the case is quiet inverse, now they have lots of good alternatives, observing the city's soaring appetite for houses and commercial buildings, Islamabad has slowly ended up being the city of choice for developers having a flare for high-rise structures. Today, the city has these choices available in abundance, but which one to select is the question many ask. This blog site has been written in order to respond to these questions.

According to Google Search Trends for flats for sale in Islamabad, the house projects in Defence Real estate Authority appeal to them the most. So we have actually chosen to share details on these so that you may have thorough understanding of these tasks prior to you decide to purchase or sell any of your properties.

Defence Residency

It is possibly the most popular Al-Ghurair Giga apartment project in DHA Phase II. It is also the most popular one and that is because it makes up as numerous as 20 blocks. Each block reaches eight stories including 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom houses.

 Up until now the developer has actually delivered 10 blocks, which can accommodate upto to around 300 households. The development work on the remaining blocks is under procedure. The pace of development deal with is also extremely well and happening with fast pace. The rates can be checked out as follows:

 Type        Monthly                               Price in PKR

1-bed       12,000                            2,500,000-- 2,600,000

2-bed       16,000- 20,000               3,450,000-- 4,500,000

3-bed       25000                              6,500,000-- 7,200,000

Defence Tower

From lots of angles, it is thought about to be the most popular project amongst investors and basic buyers. Like the formerly mentioned task it's also an Al-Ghurair Giga Development that is being constructed in DHA Phase II.

It comprises of twin towers, work on one of its towers has actually already been completed by 50%, while work on the 2nd tower has just been started with a steady pace.

 It is expected that the job will be delivered by the end of 2019. Defence Tower includes 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartment or condos. The high demand for these units can be gauged from the fact that each of these systems has a premium of PKR 500,000.

System type Cost in PKR

Studio                      2,500,000-- 3,500,000

1-bed                       4,000,000

2-bedroom               5,500,000

3-bedroom               8,000,000

 Askari Towers

 As obvious from the name , these are established for officers of army. And for the exact same reason, many purchasers also find buying one a safe option as it is free of all sorts of scams and frauds.

 Found in DHA Phase II, Askari Towers consist of an overall of 12 apartment buildings featuring 3 and 4 bed room systems. While their month-to-month lease is the nearly the like that of many other home jobs in DHA, their market price is higher than the rest.

Unit type          Monthly Lease                 Price in PKR

3-bed               35,000-- 40,000               14,000,000-- 16,500,000

4-bed               45,000-- 50,000               15,000,000-- 18,000,000

El Cielo

Al-Ghurair Giga project, El Cielo consists of 2 towers. The task was introduced some years earlier, where booking for its Tower 1 has actually been finished and underway for Tower 2. The introducing rates are also believed reasonable on a practical payment plan.

Defence Executive Tower

 It is a project of Al-Ghurair Giga. Defence Executive Tower is likewise located in DHA Phase II. The task was launched back in 2014 and some deal with it is still to be completed. Inning accordance with sources, deal with the task is expected to be finished by mid-2019.

 Introduced under different phases, price of these home have actually increased over time. Here are the cost ranges of each system;

Type                                  Price

Studio              3,500,000-- 4,500,000 PKR

1-bed               4,500,000-- 5,500,000 PKR

2-bedroom       6,000,000-- 7,500,000 PKR

3-bedroom       10,000,000 PKR

Lignum Tower

Once again, an Al-Ghurair Giga task. Due to its fine features and schedule of a number of choices, flats here are popular among occupants and hence among financiers. 

The tower reaches 20 storeys and features studio, 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom houses. Buyers find the job appealing for its rates, especially that of 1- and 2-bedroom apartment or condos. Compared with the optimum worth of houses in the area, market value of these systems in Lignum Tower is appealing.

Type                Monthly Rent           Price

Studio              16,000                     3,500,000

1-bed               20,000                     4,500,000

2-bed               25000                      30,000 6,500,000

3-bed               35,000-- 40,000       11,500,000

4-bed              40,000-- 45,000        12,500,000

 We hope that the above information will be quiet useful for all those who are interested in investing their capital in the above housing schemes. For further such comprehensive articles about your favorite housing projects do not forget to visit our blog at



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