Why should you invest in Naya Nazimabad?

Karachi the most populous city of the country and the industrial hub of the country. Every year about 5% of total population increase in the city. Naya Nazimabad is a residential project which is specifically targeted for the middle-class families in the city. This housing society is possibly the most secure housing society in the city and has emerged as one of the best housing schemes in the city.

Naya Nazimabad is best known for its location, affordable prices and state of the art amenities. Affordability is the prime reason for its popularity among the local peoples and attracts genuine buyers towards this project. The plot prices are highly reasonable for the investors which tempt them to invest more in this project.


Unlike other housing schemes, Naya Nazimabad housing scheme is in the city which connects the housing scheme to the main city centers. The housing scheme is in the middle of the city which is 12 km away from the Quaid e Azam Tomb and 15 km away from the Karachi airport. This is one of the prime reason for the investors to select this housing scheme instead of other because of its location as the project in the middle of the city so it is easy to connect to the main city centers for the investors.

Project Details

Naya Nazimabad Housing scheme spans over the area of 1200 acres. The housing scheme has divided into blocks A, B, C, D, M, and N. The housing scheme includes residential plots as well as bungalows.


Naya Nazimabad is best known for their affordable prices and best amenities for their residents and these amenities attract a lot of investors and buyers to the housing project. Here is the list of amenities provided by the housing scheme to the residents.

  • Gated Community
  • Clubhouse
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Educational Institutions
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Gyms
  • Mosque
  • Banks
  • Commercial Centers
  • Drainage System
  • Underground and overhead water reservoir
  • Basic Utilities
  • Plot Size and Prices

Naya Nazimabad housing project is best known for their affordable prices and this factor act as an attraction for buyer and investors to invest in this project. This housing scheme is offering plots sizes of 120, 160 and 240 square yards. Here are the prices and payment plan for these plot sizes.

Plot Size                                                Price in PKR

120 square yards                                        840,000

160 square yards                                       1,120,000

240 square yards                                       1.680,000

For Bungalows

120 square yards single storey           6,200,000 – 7,700,000

120 square yards double storey         8,500,000 – 10,500,000.

Installment Plan

For the financial assistance for the residents, the authorities have devised two installment payment plans one for a monthly installment for 48 months and another one is for half year installment plan 

Plot Size                                                     120 Sq. Yd           160 Sq. Yd       240 Sq. Yd    

Booking                                                         30,000                40,000              66,000                                                     

Allocation                                                       36,000               48,000               72,000

Confirmation                                                  36,000               48,000               72,000

Allotment                                                       36,000               48,000               72,000

Monthly Installments                                      5,000                 6,750                 10,000

Half-yearly Installments                                 40,500               54,000               81,000

Demarcation                                                  69,000               90,000              135,000

Possession                                                    69,000               90,000              135,000


Development Status

Naya Nazimabad has divided the whole area into multiples blocks A, B, C, D, M and N and the development process in these blocks is going rapidly. Currently, the development of Block A has completed and the possession process in this block has also completed. Meanwhile, in Block C and D, the development process is almost complete, and the possession of the plot is available. The development of Block M and Block N are in its initial phase, looking at the pace of development it can be expected that the possession process will start soon in these blocks after development process completion.

Where to Invest?

According to some sources, Naya Nazimabad offers good investment for genuine buyers because of its affordable prices and the fact that market has suffered a lot in recent years due to luxuries housing scheme so Naya Nazimabad is providing secure means of investment which attracts buyers and investors. Block C and Block D are highly recommended for the investors as they are completely developed, and it has great potential to return high to short-term and medium investors.

Are you looking to invest in Naya Nazimabad? Do you have queries about it? You can comment in the comment section or visit rightdeed.com for further assistance.


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