Park View City Islamabad – Everything you need to know

Park view city housing society a project of Vision group in the beautiful city of Islamabad the capital city of the country and holds the second spot in the world beautiful capitals. Park view city housing scheme is become a renown housing scheme in the sight of the locals mainly due to its beautiful location in the lavish green areas near Bani gala in Islamabad.


There was quite buzz about Park view city due to its NOC, but the news has come out that the capital development authority(CDA) restored the NOC of Park view city and immediately after that the official website of park view city housing scheme has been restored and the official iftar dinner was held at the society where all investors, agents and other members of the society joined and conducted the unveiling of the site office.

There were some concerns about the park view city which results in the termination of NOC of the housing scheme but due to the issue resolved by the authorities of society and indication by the restoration of NOC, it can say that all things are going well for the housing scheme. This article addresses the details of the housing scheme and as well highlights the actions taken by the authorities for the solution of all issues pointed by investors earlier.


Probably one thing can be said about the Park view city that the housing scheme has a beautiful location to attracts the new investors and buyers. As park view city is a small housing scheme perfectly situated near the Malot road which lies near the Bahria Enclave Islamabad connects the housing scheme to the main city centers and don’t forget about the effect of lavish green surroundings that the society offers his residents and adds lucrativeness for the investors.Plot Size and Prices

The Park view city has spread over the area of approximately about 1200 canals and the housing scheme is offering 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal plots for its residents on an affordable price and the prices of these plots changes with the change in a size of the plot. Recently there have been some issues related to the prices of plots , some investors claim that the prices are too much high so to resolve this issue, the authorities have come up with a new payment plan in which they are offering 5 Marla in Block A, B, F, J and K, 10 Marlas are being offered in Block A, B, F, H and I. For the 1 Kanal plot size are being offered in Block B, C, E, F, N, and M. The Block D and P consists of only 2 Kanal plots.

The Prices of the plot with respect to their blocks are as follow:

Plot Size          Block Name                        Price in PKR

5 Marla               A & B                                   5,000,000

5 Marla              F,J & K                                  3,985,000

10 Marla            A & B                                    8,000,000

10 Marla            F, H & I                                 7 ,000,000

1 Kanal              B, C, E & F                          15,000,000

1 Kanal              M & N                                  12,500,000

2 Kanal              D & P                                   35,000,000 & 27,000,000

Installment Plan

The Installment plan spans over 2 years with equal 8 quarterly payments so the installment plan is as follow:

Plot Size          Block Name      Membership Fee      Initial Payment             Installments

5 Marla               A & B                    7500                      1,007,500                         800,000

5 Marla              F,J & K                   7500                        797,500                          395,000

10 Marla            A & B                     15000                    1,615,000                         800,000

10 Marla            F, H & I                  15000                    1,415,000                         700,000

1 Kanal              B, C, E & F            25000                    3,025,000                        1,500,000

1 Kanal              M & N                    25000                    2,525,000                       1,250,000

2 Kanal              D                           50000                   7,050,000                        3,500,000

2 Kanal              P                            50000                   5,550,000                        2,750,000

Investor’s Concerns and their Solutions

The Park view city had got their NOC terminated in the last summer in 2017 due to some investor’s concerns as they had some questions regarding the development and regulations in the society, but as the housing scheme has got approving from the CDA and their NOC restored. So Here are few details about  the concerns of investors and their solutions by the authorities of Park view housing scheme.

Will the housing scheme abide by the CDA laws?

After being approved by CDA the housing society will follow all rules and regulations planned by the authorities.

Is there any house financing assistance for the residents and new investors?

With CDA approval there will be assistance provided to the residents and new investors.

What about the transfer of plot and registry matters?

The procedure transfer of plot and all registry matters will deal in the main transfer office of the housing scheme. It has been the situation in the past where straightforwardness and secure exchanges have helped us procure our strong notoriety

In the end what about the scheme development status?

The society authorities are working day and night to provides best possible facilities to its residents and there have been some efforts done for the prosperity of the society as the society is setting a National Park in the society and a masjid is also under construction and in short period of time the other basic utilities will also be available for the residents.

There has been a progress in other areas of the society as the society looks to implement a wide road network of 2km and integrating electricity system in Block F whereas to deal with water issues the society will plan to build a small dam that will store rainwater and fulfills the water shortage of society and the last thing is the society will be a gated society.

If you are looking to invest in Park view city housing scheme and have some queries related to it, you can visit for further assistance.


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