Reasons of Tech Town Colony Faisalabad being so Popular

Faisalabad or also known as the Manchester of Pakistan is the third most populous city in the country and one of the biggest trading centers of the country. This city also to be considered as the most well-planned city even in the pre-independence era. Tech town colony (TNT) is becoming well-known in the city. The housing scheme is to a great degree all around built up that makes it perfect for living.

Tech town colony picks up the quick enthusiasm of the investors and nearby people groups because of its perfect area and affordable price rates for its investors. Their quick advancement throughout the year influences this housing scheme to conspire one of the best housing schemes in the city. This housing scheme is located at the one of the busiest road of the city the Satiana Road, yet the housing society has built up a great reputation despite having competition from others.


Tech town colony is located at one of the best locations that city has to offer the Satiana Road. This road is the busiest road in the city surrounded by the many housing schemes. The tech town housing scheme has connected to all main city centers due to this road.


Apart from having an ideal location in the city the tech town, housing scheme is also providing best possible facilities to their resident which along with the location attracts new investors for the investment in society. Here is the list of amenities provided by the society to its residents.

  • Mosques
  • Top educational institutions
  • Banks
  • Gated community
  • Security system
  • Wide roads
  • Green parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Community centers
  • Shopping malls and other commercial areas

Project Details

The Tech town colony Faisalabad divided the whole area into six phases from which five phases have been reasonably distinguished, and in which plots are accessible for purchasing purposes. Phase 1 to 3 has been established underneath the same boundary. Phase 4 and 5 have built under the new boundary which is farther away from these three phases.

Plot Sizes and Prices

The housing society is offering different plot sizes to it residents and as the prices have not changed since the last year here, the prices here can be as high as PKR 600,000 to PKR 800,000 per Marla. The prices for these plots greatly vary depending on where the plot is located and its distance from the main road.

Plot Size                 Phase Name                Price range in PKR

5 Marla                         1-3                        3 million to 4 million

5 Marla                         4-5                        1.75 million to 2 million

10 Marla                       1-3                        6 million to 8 million 

10 Marla                       4-5                        3.5  million to 4 million                                       

20 Marla                       1-3                        12 million to 16 million

According to some sources the prices in the housing society has not increased over the year that is the main reason for the increasing popularity of the housing society in the local peoples and Due to these low prices, most of the investors eager to buy property in the society and hence building houses on it.

Development Structure

The one factor which differentiates ordinary housing schemes from better housing schemes is that the continuously develop their societies to meet the upcoming challenges. This is the main reason for the tech town housing society that makes this housing society so popular that they are continuously working to increase the living standard of the people.

Development in the first three phases is complete, with proper main roads, parks, commercial areas, and connections for water, electricity, and gas. Possession is available in all phases, but because of more development in the first three phases, more houses are being constructed here, and a lot of families have already settled down.

As the development has carried out at a fast pace, it comes as no surprise to the investors that the first three phases have reached fullness levels. Most of the plots available for sale are those which are being traded, and the prices of these plots have climbed.


Tech town colony is one of the best housing schemes in the city of Faisalabad due to its moderate rates and good location and this society is an ideal place for any investor who is looking for long-term profit.

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