Six Clever ways to Design your Balcony

According to a majority of city dwellers, balcony is a place that makes their home feel complete. That’s why it seem to be the only place they tend to customize from time to time. Though it can be a bit challenging for many to design a balcony even if it is a standard one. However, with a few tips from our team of experts, it will no more seem like a huge challenge for you. Depending on the size and shape of your balcony, you can easily choose from the following design and décor options.

Choose balcony plants wisely

Plants are an essential part of your  balcony. For some balcony is like a small garden, however, it can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be. It totally depends on the amount of time you are willing to spare, exposure to light and the money you want to spend. Remember, you can spend plenty of money or you can do it for very little amount, the choice is totally yours.

However, Low maintenance plants are the best recommended for a busy city life. In cities people have to work  hard all the day, and so their balcony garden should be a source of delight and fresh oxygen rather than an extra evening duty. A balcony decorated with herbs is a great idea. Even you can use them in various recipes to make your food taste great. Undoubtedly, herbs look and smell wonderful, you can accommodate them easily in small wooden boxes. if you prefer resilient plants that won’t dry up easily then tubs and troughs are also a fantastic idea. If you have enough time for maintenance and extra care then flowering plants are a good choice, otherwise don't even think about it.

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Never overload your balcony

As we all know balcony is kind of a structural suspension so never overload it as this can lead to costly repairs. Place heavy plant pots on your balcony only when you have an exact idea of the weight-bearing limitations of you balcony. Otherwise it can be fatal in many cases.

How do you utilize your balcony?

Balconies are a wonderful spot for breakfast and  dining. If you love to dine in your balcony then you must select plants more wisely. In fact many plants attract small insects or their odour at night is unbearable, in short such plants can ruin your dinner.

Same is the case in terms of space, in many cases you may be entertaining guests at your balcony. In that case you will need a proper space to accommodate people.If you are an I.T geek and wanna bring your laptop outside, you’ll need some shady and peaceful spots.

Hence, before designing your balcony you must think about the kind of activities that are likely to take place at your balcony, it will really save your future time and energy.

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Never ignore your favourite theme or style

Balcony is an extension of your home where you can sit and relax even for hours. Before designing or decorating your balcony just visualize for a moment that would you be happy and comfortable to spend an evening out on your balcony? Make sure that the answer is yes! A great way of achieving this, even when the air, is cool is to introduce warm outdoor lighting and some lightweight blankets that can be easily stored away.

What kind of furniture to choose?

Incase you have a limited space, finding fitting seating can appear to be dubious at first. You can easily manage it, the key is to considerable use of common sense, size, edge and solace. In a perfect world, any seating you pick will be appropriate for spending the night outside. It ought to be rainproof, or possibly have a rainproof cover. Seats that can overlay away are a timesaving idea, however ensure that they are likewise comfortable too.

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Privacy does matter

When talking about a city lifestyle, privacy of your balcony really matters. fortunately , plants are a great way of creating privacy in an open place. Along with bamboo or reed fencing, a hanging nest or a hammock can easily provide the privacy you need in a balcony. In turn it will also give rise to some stylish, yet practical privacy. You can also put some temporary sheer curtains to create a pretty little den!

We hope these tips will help you in creating your balcony a perfect place to relax, no matter your are enjoying a cosy summer evening or a slight cold wave in the winters.

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