Packing Tips: Check Out Amazing Ways to Declutter Your Home!

When it’s time to move, it’s obvious that you wouldn’t want to move each and every clutter in your house. Getting rid of stuff comes with all kinds of feelings and emotions. Do you want to make your move a lot easier and simpler? Well, in this blog you’ll find out how to make your packing process a whole lot easier for you.

Start with your bathroom:

You must’ve been wondering “why the bathroom?” It’s quite obvious that your bathroom won’t have your precious photographs, however, you’re going to find loads of expired medicines and many empty bottles of shampoo in there. So, it’s better to start with the bathroom.

Don’t declutter every room at the same time:

You can make your move less expensive and a little bit shorter by getting rid of the extra stuff one by one. Don’t try to rush into things at once. Start from one of your drawers or one of your closets. You’ll only need few trash bags, a scissor, and a permanent marker for labelling the cardboard boxes. You can even donate some of your stuff like your old clothes or other belongings to the needy people rather than trashing them.

Are you an indecisive person?

If you’re indecisive about an item, ask yourself “Is it worth it?”. Also, try to picture yourself pulling it out of your moving truck and trying to find the right place to put it in. You’ll figure out if you want that item or not. If you don’t want to throw something away, but at the same time you’re confused about when you’ll next use it, then it’s better to put that thing in a box and seal it. You know why? Because these are items that you never use and deep down you know that. So, it’s better to box them up and set the box aside.

Decluttering requires a lot of effort:

Decluttering can be very much stressful and it won’t really make you feel free and easy. So, it’s better to listen your favourite music during the decluttering session. Also, determine what are those things that won’t need in your new house, because decluttering requires a lot of effort. You’ll need to pack your stuff, label it, carry it and then you’ll have to unpack it. Plus, finding a place for it is also going to cause a lot of confusion.

Organize boxes:

First of all, you’ll need to find a fine place in your home where you can start your packing. Every time you get one of the boxes packed, label it, tape it up and move it over to the stack. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your workspace clear. When labelling your boxes, write the name of the room it belongs to in big letters. List whatever is inside the box because knowing what category of items is inside the box is very much helpful.

What about the sentimental items?

Let’s face it! We all hide our sentimental items in our storage areas. But if the item really is a treasure, why don’t you display it in your home? Why is it stuffed up in a box if it’s really that special? Think about it! Sentimental items are really hard to let go but getting rid of these items don’t mean that you’re getting rid of the memory.

Take time out to boost yourself up!

Decluttering and packing is both emotionally and physically exhausting. So, don’t spend more than 4 hours at a time on working at this. Sit down, read a book or have a cup of tea with a friend.

If you still feel confused or overwhelmed by the benefits of decluttering, just remember that your home is not a container for your stuff but it’s a place for joy.




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