Things That Can Make Your Guest Room Look More Elegant

Do you want to know if your guest room needs a little change? If you’re not sure about it, spend a night in your own guest room and figure out what’s missing in it.

Let’s find out some really helpful and inexpensive ideas that can make your guest room look more elegant and cozy.

Comfortable Bed:

No one would get a good sleep at night, if you put an old creaky bedframe into your guest room. The squeaky sound would definitely awake your guests, if they move a little bit. Also, don’t try to shift shabby mattress to your guest room, better go for a new, and comfortable one.

Reading Light:

It’s obvious that your guests will be with you during the daytime. An overhead light is good, but a bedside lamp can accomplish all the needs of your guests. Brighter light to dress and a soothing bedside light can make everything better.

Pillows & Bedcovers:

Extra pillows always give an elegant to a room but at the same time, it’s your guest’s decision what they like best. Let them know that they can swap pillows from the pillowcase whenever they want to. Because in the end, you want them to be comfortable at your place.

A variety of bedcovers is also very essential for your guest room. Down comforters are fine for cold weather, but they may be too warm for the summer season.  You can put cotton blankets in your guest room so your guests can get a comfortable sleep without getting too warm or too cold.

TV Channel Guide:

Create a channel guide, if you’ve got a television in your guest room.  You can add news channels, sports channels, and movie channels in that channel guide. You can also include instructions related to your television, as every remote is different. Also, test your remote and make sure that it’s working properly.

Luggage Rack:

If your guests won’t have any dresser drawers, then they’ll be living out of their luggage. You can buy some inexpensive luggage racks, or you can arrange two drawers in the closet of your guest room so your guests can put their luggage in it.

Bedside Table:

What’s that one thing which is more important than anything else in the room? Is it your reading glasses? Or a glass of water? Well, it is a bedside table. Bedside tables are easily available and are also very inexpensive. Also, it’ll make your guests feel more comfortable in the guest room.

Water Bottle and a Glass:

Bottled water on the bedside table will show you generosity to your guests. Put a clean glass and a bottled water in your guest room, because you never know if your guest needs water at midnight. 


It’s obvious that you wouldn’t want your guests to ram their toes with the furniture in the room, as they’d be unfamiliar with the surroundings. A simple low voltage light in your guest room can help your guests in seeing furniture and other stuff in the room.

By following these simple steps, you can make your guest room a lot more elegant and comfortable for your guests.


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