Helpful Tips About When to Steam and When to Iron Your Clothes


Do you know about the benefits of steaming versus ironing? The most challenging part of finishing laundry is getting out the wrinkles, but knowing what to iron and what to steam will ensure you that your clothing looks great. 

Do you know about a steamer?  Well, a steamer releases a continuous mist of steam at a clothing without the need of touching the fabric, while an iron presses a cloth flat under its hot plate.  An iron releases a lot of steam, which helps to release wrinkles, but all fabrics can’t withstand the heat of an iron.  A steamer is used for delicate clothing that cannot be ironed and doesn’t need to be creased and works by soothing the fibres rather than flattening them.

Fabrics that need to be ironed:

  • You can iron dress pants and button up shirts.
  • Polyester, linen and cotton are the fabrics that can withstand the press and heat of an iron so, you can also iron them.
  • Plus, never iron velvet.

Ironing Tips:

  • Always iron on a well-made ironing board, if you want the best results.
  • Set your iron to the suitable fabric setting for each piece of your clothing.
  • Use refined water in the iron to avoid lime deposits.
  • If you want to avoid iron sheen, then turn your garment inside out and press it that way.
  • Never try to put a freshly ironed garment on. Allow it to rest on a hanger for few minutes.

Fabrics that need to be steamed:

Well, steamers are considered as the best choice for delicate fabrics like jersey, wool satin and clothing with sequins or embroidery.

  • Wool, synthetic wool-like fabrics, wool blends, cashmere, silk and silk blends need steaming.
  • Never steam acetate fabric.
  • Steamers are very much effective in smoothing ruffles and creases.

Steaming Tips

  • Color test your garment before you use a steamer on it.
  • It is easy to burn fingers while holding a piece of clothing, so it’s better to use caution while using steam.
  • If your garment is badly wrinkled, steam it from the inside and outside.
  • Mildly pull the fabric in the contrary direction to release a set wrinkles and move the steam wand in sweeping motions.

Freshly pressed clothes make you look well-dressed and flawless. So, don’t skip any of these important finishing steps when doing laundry. Now you’ve understood the difference between steaming and ironing, hopefully it’s going to be a lot easier for you to know if your clothing needs ironing or steaming.



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