Important Lessons For Investors After Property Tax Imposing In Pakistan Real Estate

Be Careful While Focusing On Greater Fool Theory:

According to the Fool’s Theory, an investor usually buys disputed properties at higher rates with the hope of selling them rapidly to another investor who might also be thinking to sell them rapidly. Speculative businesses always burst ultimately and due to the selling off of properties, there is a rapid depreciation in prices. Phase 9 Prism is the perfect example of “Greater Fool Theory”. The theory is based on the expectations and beliefs rather than intrinsic value. Lenders always underestimate the risk of loss at the time of rising prices. So play your cards wisely and only make your move when the price is right!

Holding For Too Long:

If you are a player in the speculative market, you should not hold on to your investment too long. We recommend all the investors who have purchased plots in Prism 9 to sell them during May and June 2018.

Reliable Real Estate Professional:

Always work with reliable estate agents. Don’t go for substandard agents in order to save your money.

Go for someone that has a clear understanding of the market and can help keep your investment safe and secure. Losing millions of your money in order to save a few thousand is never a wise move.

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Keep Updates On Current Situation Of Real Estate Market?

Real estate market of Pakistan genuinely needs to grow in upcoming times. Investors only invest their money with the aim of generating profit which is only possible when they sell to genuine buyers. The population of Pakistan is increasing day by day and almost 200 million people are there who want to live in their own homes. The total area of Pakistan is 796,095 km2 which could prove to be inadequate in future with respect to increasing population. So, we need to do a lot of development work to accommodate such a gigantic amount of population. Pakistan real estate market is a long-term trend market and will stay that way in the foreseeable future.

Our Advice:

If you have purchased a property at higher rates, then there is no point in worrying because panic would lead you toward making another mistake. The best solution is to be careful before making the purchase and choosing your options wisely.

Speculative trends can be upward and downward too. It is expected that prices of commercial plots across the societies will go higher in near future.

If you have not invested big, then it’s time to move to a larger phase and find an area that is well developed.

Moreover, if you have missed the earlier opportunities, it’s the right time to re-enter into the game. Prices are going to fall back. There is a chance that market will improve in the future so it's highly likely that you will find a great opportunity for investment your financial sources.

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