Smog Engulfs Different Locations In Punjab – What’s Happening?

Pakistan (mostly Punjab) is in front of worst factor named Smog in its recent history and in fact nowadays. Impenetrable threatening blankets of dust, smoke, and fog have enclosed some of the major cities of Pakistan and causing severe problems like traffic accidents, power outages, and respiratory diseases.

Smog is a term that is used to describe a combination of Fog and Smoke. It is sort of air pollution which has been generated from photochemical reactions and dust particles. These reactions occur when dust particles and pollutants like Nitrogen dioxide combine with sunlight to form a chemical called Ozone.

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Ozone is only useful in space but as far as in real life, it is very harmful to all the humans due to its presence at ground level. Smog can cause many severe diseases like visual systems and respiratory.

There are many assumptions related to the symptoms of this thick mist that dangles over the large parts of the Punjab. Firstly, all the fingers were pointed at India which is our neighboring country because it was supposed that Indian farmers have burned sugarcane growth and smoke released from these coal-powered plants were the major reason behind this environmental disorder.

These factors are not the major reason behind Smog, although they have contributed to deteriorating the situation.

Asif Shuja DG EPA stated that Major Culprits are the large dust storms that have occurred in the months of April, September, and November basically creating from the Middle East (specifically Iraq, Syria, and Iran) once in every year. Their density is too high that they can travel to the different countries and in Pakistan where they have combined with the clouds and dust of Thar desert and generating the environmental threat which is known as Smog. The situation is further intensified by the disturbing amount of air pollution that has already present in our country. The issue of Smog has arisen every year but its density is much higher due to the lack of rain. Rainfall is very helpful in settling down the haze and dust but this dry spell lengthy the situation.

All Punjab is affected mostly by the hazard of smog but those areas which are most troubled includes Southern and Central Punjab.

The rainfall has solved this solution somehow in Capital and neighboring Rawalpindi but most popular cities like Faisalabad, Lahore, and Sargodha get more overwhelmed by each passing day. This is now becoming a serious issue among the whole population because smog does not only affect the health of children and adults but also very dangerous for the schools and offices. In short, the overall effect of smog can be very dangerous and damaging to the economy of the country.

In the nutshell, Punjab Government should take few steps in fighting with the harmful effects of smog. The government should take steps by offering free air masks to the community. Those factories which caused extensive pollution should be ceased.

Finally, offices and schools must review their timings because the smog is at its peak in the early morning.

By adopting these steps, not only the Smog will be eliminated but also its effects can be mitigated.

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