Topnotch Tips for Students Accommodation

One of the main concern and question of students while starting the university is where to live in.

If you are not sure where to begin- Don’t worry! We are here to cover all college housing and apartment guide to help you through the process.

Some of the students used to prefer to live in halls while others prefer to stay a little bit away from campus and they usually go for private accommodations.

Here are some tips that will solve your issues regarding the right place to live in!

Right Accommodation Supplier:

Every student suffers from similar issues when it comes to accommodation while beginning college.

You have a lot of options from university accommodation, private landlords, and agencies. You can use approved rented property companies that will advise you in the best way. These companies will suggest you a range of private properties where you can live alone or with your friends too.

Students should have concerned with their security both in terms of deposit and tenancy agreement while using a specialist agency for the recommendation.  The government has declared the rule that deposit must be approved by a scheme rather than by the landlord.

Your universities are there to make a check on the tenancy agreement who offer different services for students.

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Selection Of A Property:

Your selection of the property totally depends on your choice and budget that revolves around these two questions.

What Is Your Affordability? Where Do You Want To Live?

Students have limited budget or you can say tight budget in which they have to manage their expenses. So, if they spend too much on rent, they will have no money to spare for food and other expenses. You should keep in mind all the other expenses like food, living cost, and other utilities while planning your budget. After preparation of your budget, make sure that there are some left for enjoying your luxuries.

When you have estimated and prepared the budget, you are then able to consider all the authentic and affordable options.

Very few students are there who want to share their room with their friends and roommates. Are you among one of them? A reasonable suggestion would be to live with a group of students and share a rental property rather than living alone which can create many issues. The benefit of group living is cost reduction as all major costs are distributed among roommates and you can study combine which would be very effective.

So, what do you think can you manage with sharing room or still prefer to live alone? 

The Choice is yours.


After the selection of accommodation and preparation of the budget, it’s time to think about location. The location typically depends upon your university area which should be nearest. Although the coolest area of Pakistan would be perfect and seems ideal, you should consider it.  You have to research on some areas of the city with the perspective of facilities and distance from your university by keeping your budget in mind.

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Alternative Opinion:

You should always have a second opinion so that in case of any uncertainty, you have a choice of an alternate option. The support and visit of your family will help you out in several issues so just ask them to come and visit your selected spot for living. You will las have an opportunity to ask from your friends and university fellows about their experience of living there.

We hope these topmost tips will surely help you out with your decision making in terms of cost reduction and accommodation.


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