Developing Farm House Culture In Lahore – Do  You Really Need It?

Lahore is at the doorstep of the crowd. Rearrangement of rural communal to Urban areas and huge growth in the population of Punjab is exercising pressure on resources. Punjab government is keen on building developed infrastructure. Orange Train, Ring Road, with roads network is creating aggravation and traffic problems.

You can say, the dream of Green City will remain a dream due to suffocation and gases of dangerous vehicles which is a gift by Zinda Dallan e Lahore. The only solution to this problem is to move on to greenbelts. Lahore has a population of more than 20 million and has a booming property especially in the areas of open land and farmhouse land. This is the time you should avail good options with the potential of maximum returns in a very short period.

There used to be no organized clients and farmhouses on private and open lands. But nowadays, there are many housing societies that provide facilities like roads, water, electricity, sewerage and sui gas, etc.

Why are farmhouses important? First of all, a healthy lifestyle will be promoted along with citrus fruits, dairy products, organic vegetables and green landscape which helps to increase the internal mechanism of the human body. Farmhouses living is very important for human beings as “health is wealth”. So, the farmhouses living is the best living.

It can also be useful from an investment point of view as the prices of land double up every year.

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Available Farm House Societies:

  • Sofia Farms opposite Bahria Oasis (40 lacs to 60 lacs per kanal)
  • Midlands Farms Heir Bedian road(40 lacs per kanal)
  • Spring Meadows Farm House Society along Bedia road(Price ranges between 25 lacs to 60 lacs per kanal)
  • Theater Farms(25 lacs to 80 lacs per kanal)
  • Chaudhary Farms(30 to 40 lacs per kanal)
  • Ittehad Farms Burki road(30 lacs per kanal)

Private Lands On Burki, Bedian And Raiwand Road:

There is land for sale in Burki Road, Bedian Road in Lahore. The price of this land range from 2 crores per acre to 4 crores per acre. Price typically depends upon size and location of your plot. The rates of private and open land have doubled in last two years due to continuing trend of the farmhouse. Farmhouses were used earlier for parties and trips but now teenagers go to farmhouses and enjoy their life. The private lands there cost around PKR 10 lac per Kanal.

Best Investment of Today:

You must have an idea that why it is the best investment opportunity of today’s time. Farmhouses offer you a wonderful living with double advantage. Initially, it offers an amazing living style and secondly, it offers a high return on investment. You can also go for commercial investment that will surely give you a better return.

Transfer Procedure of Private Land:

People usually sidestep private land due to its difficulties of getting involved in Patwari system in Pakistan. The land which is owned by society usually offers society transfer which is extremely easy and irritation free. But in case of Private land through Patwari, it involves registry which is a very hectic process. The purchaser always remains in worry that troubled private land might have bugs like multiple registries and litigation.

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