Faisal Hills Islamabad - Exciting Possessions Up For Grabs!

Faisal Hills is sending waves in the real estate sector of Islamabad as a brand new scheme. Zedem International is a consistent developer who has sponsored the project because it has a strong authorization of being an estate agent. He also believes that if his clients will follow his instructions, they will not regret their decision.

Recently, some rumors are being dispersed about Faisal hills that it is the time to introduce some facts about it. Saqib Javed of Al Rehman associates has explained few things about it.

Project Details:

Faisal hills are situated in Taxila which is at the back of Margala hills under the authority of Rawalpindi Development Authority. Saqib Javed has approved the planning stage of the project. The project was tossed in March 2016 and developer has directed the balloting in September for recognition of successful applicants.

The developer has launched 9,000 files that are being offered on a payment plan of 3.5 years. The size of these residential plot files are: For 5-Marla (25 x 50) having price of PKR 2,085,000, 8-Marla (30 x 60) having price of PKR 2,585,000, 10-Marla (35 x 70) having price of PKR 3,385,000, 14-Marla (40 x 80) having price of PKR 4,285,000, 1-kanal(50 x 90) having price of PKR 5,885,000 and 2-kanal (75 x 120) having price of PKR 10,285,000.

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Have A Look At The Premium:

Javed explained that once the balloting was completed, all the file owners began asking for premium and hence the premium kept on growing.

The premium has also increased about a few months ago when there were rumors about plot numbers of Faisal hills. According to him, the premium increased for smaller plots at that time.

However, Due to the delay in balloting of plot file, the premium began to fall.

The premium on 5-Marla, 8-Marla and 10-Marla plots were PKR 50,000, 30,000 and PKR 20,000. But those plots which were of bigger size at that time were sold at the breakeven point where there is no profit, no loss.

New Launch Success:

The developer has recently brought about 2500 new files at a higher rate for the project. But the demand for these files is comparatively low due to a higher price tag. According to Javed, some of these files were sold at minus rate. It is not like that the new buyers are not interested or distress finding buyers despite o e reason that 5-Marla and 8-Marla residential plots have already been sold out.


According to Javed, there are rumors among society’s management and National Highway Authority that Faisal hills will have an interchange on Islamabad Peshawar Motorway M-2.

It is expected that this interchange will surely add value to the society in terms of continuous and shortest tactic to make it more accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Javed believes that the society’s management is focusing on settling the project plan and it will hold the balloting ceremony soon.

According to Javed, the developer will probably share the project map with its stakeholders at the end of November. Balloting will start in the December along with the development work in Faisal Hills.

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It is expected that the actual development will bring about a strong response once the developers confirm the news about the final map. That’s all for now. We will keep you people updated.

Meanwhile, keep us informed your thoughts about this project.


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