DHA Lahore Phase III - What's Going On In The Commercial Market?

Commercial investments will always be at their peak in terms of return. Commercial investments always enjoy better returns than residential sector and get higher prices on a regular basis along with the generation of monthly income. The market rate of the commercial sector is much higher than residential sector.

All the commercial markets in Defense Housing Society are performing well except that Chic Aura Market, Phase III. This market has commercial blocks Y and Z.

All the food chains, brand stores, and marts are those areas that make DHA more popular. The demand is very high in terms of rental prices and real estates.

Here we have brought for you the market rates of commercial plots and plazas in block Y and Z.

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Block Y:

Block Y has a commercial feature including 4-Marla and 8-Marla commercial plots and plazas. The residents of DHA are enjoying monthly rent and better returns. A commercial plot will always be considered as an ideal if it is situated at the corner or facing the road. The price breakdown of commercial plots in Block Y is as follows:


4-Marla: PKR 55,000,000 – PKR 65,000,000

8-Marla: PKR 140,000,000 – PKR 200,000,000


4-Marla: PKR 60,000,000 – PKR 70,000,000

8-Marla: PKR 170,000,000 – PKR 300,000,000

Commercial areas include ground floor and mezzanine plus two floors. All the owners of property like to rent out the property to a single brand. Different floors can be rented out to different tenants. The rent for every floor is different. For 8 Marla plazas, rent ranges between PKR 750,000 to PKR 300,000. For 4 Marla plots, price ranges between PKR 50,000 to PKR 200,000.

Y-Block has round shaped shops. The market rent and price in the outer circle is much higher than those shops which are lying in the inner circle.

Below is the price range of these plots.

Outer Circle:

Ground: PKR 25,000,000 – PKR 30,000,000

Basement: PKR 10,000,000 – PKR 11,000,000

Inner Circle:

Ground: PKR 12,500,000 – PKR 15,000,000

Basement: PKR 7,500,000 – PKR 8,500,000

Block Z:

Block Z features 8 Marla commercial plots and buildings. Most of the commercial plots here are limited. These blocks provide good occupancy rate just like Block Y. That is the reason that market price in both blocks is quite same which are as follows.


8-marla: PKR 140,000,000 – PKR 200,000,000     


8-marla: PKR 170,000,000 – PKR 300,000,000

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Important Announcement:

DHA have strict policies that it doesn’t allow commercial plazas to be sold floor-wise rather than property can be only transferred to one owner. So, it is not the only option to buy a shop in these plazas. It is believed that property buyers are most interested in buying property than plazas and, that’s why the demand for commercial plots are much lower. The owners of the property are looking for monthly rentals which are increasing every year up to 10%.


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