7 Best DHAs For Pakistan Real Estate Investors To Look For!

DHA is a name that has well-known repute and is very popular. There is no need of any introduction for DHA as it is acknowledged by everyone. A name that represents an ultimate lifestyle and living standards.

It is nationally recognized and has an aim of providing an opportunity for the development of innovative methods of modern living.

DHA is an established housing society that has introduced their housing societies in 7 major cities of Pakistan. Here we go for the short-term tour for all these DHAs.

DHA Lahore:

DHA is among one of the best and oldest housing societies in Lahore. It was developed and built primarily for the army officers, businessmen, and elite residents. It is a high-class popular area that is most suitable for the wealthy class.

Developers of DHA have lengthy the development work to extra land during the past 5-7 years. DHA Lahore has many phases from 1-9 so if you want to find any flair by its name, it’s impossible that you would unable to find it.

DHA Lahore is providing many facilities like restaurants, shopping malls; Y-Block and H-Block markets, clinics, gyms, and cafes.

There are different prices for different phases. The minimum and maximum price for developing sectors of Phase 8 &9 are as follows.

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Plot Size:

  • 5-Marla has a price range from PKR 30 lac to PKR 90 lac.
  • 10-Marla has a price range from PKR 45 lac to PKR 125 lac
  • 1-Kanal plot has a range of PKR 100 lac to PKR 250 lac.

DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi:

The DHA authority has decided to extend the housing society in Islamabad in early 2000. It is an unbelievable project providing design, urban planning, infrastructure, environmental balance, and architecture.

The society is situated near the main GT Road and closed to Bahria town. There is phase 1, 2,4,5, DHA Valley. There are more than 2000 houses that are existed in these housing societies.

This is the place that is more secure and safe with high perceived value.  You can go to many entertaining places like cafes, education, and healthcare in the society. Here is the price range of different plot sizes of DHA Phase 3 & 4.

Plot Size:

  • 5-Marla has a price range from PKR 60 lac to PKR 75 lac                                       
  • 10-Marla has a price range from PKR 90 lac to PKR 105 lac
  • 1-Kanal plot has a range of PKR 125 lac to PKR 175 lac.

DHA Karachi:

DHA City Karachi is a residential and commercial project that has exclusive facilities and built with the help of trained engineers.

The project has taken its initial step of starting on the super high way having an area of 20,000 acres. It was planned and developed with an objective of bright future. It will surely give a luxurious and splendid lifestyle experience to its inhabitants. There are a lot of facilities here like education, healthcare, recreational facilities, and entertainment.

Below is a list of prices for different sizes of plots in DHA City Karachi. These prices are based on market value of these plots with the perspective of newly developed Phase 8.

Plot Size:

  • 5-Marla has a price range from PKR 54 lac to PKR 92 lac                               
  • 10-Marla has a price range from PKR 65 lac to PKR 93 lac                              
  • 1-Kanal Marla has a price range from PKR 88 lac to PKR 150 lac

DHA Multan:

DHA has taken the decision to open DHA chapters in different cities of Pakistan just for the welfare obligations. It was launched recently and became one of the latest projects of DHA. The first balloting will be held in June 2017.

DHA Multan will become an example soon due to its well-diversified portfolio, low income, and moderate levels. DHA Multan also planned its innovative strategies, infrastructural stamp, and development.

There are a lot of enjoyment places in DHA Multan like education city, pipeline, glorious mosque, and gym. Every resident will enjoy this communal for sure.

Plot Size:

5-Marla has a price range from PKR 20 lac to PKR 22 lac                             

10-Marla has a price range from PKR 35 lac to PKR 45 lac                             

1-Kanal has a price range from PKR 50.25 lac to PKR 56 lac

DHA Bahawalpur:

DHA Bahawalpur was announced and launched in July 2015 and due to its announcement, the city is being more concerned for investment purposes.  The aim of DHA Bahawalpur is to provide the top-notch service of basic facilities and lavish living style.

DHA Bahawalpur has an ideal location within the city just like other societies. It is only at a distance of 10 minutes’ drive from GT Road Sheikh Rashid Airport.

DHA will surely be concerned with educational, health and recreational facilities and we will keep you updated about any change in its status. All the results of residential villas for 6-Marla, 9-Marla, and 12-Marla are published.

Plot Size:

  • 5-Marla has a price range from PKR 15 lac to PKR 18 lac                             
  • 10-Marla has a price range from PKR 22 lac to PKR 27 lac                    
  • 1-Kanal has a price range from PKR 38 lac to PKR 45 lac

DHA Gujranwala:

Due to the success of DHA Lahore, DHA Islamabad and DHA Karachi have planned another project in Gujranwala in 2013. It was the first society that was announced in central Punjab.

DHA Gujranwala has a prime location near to Rahwali Cantt having an area of 1600 acres land. The society has planned to spread its land and boundaries in Phase-2. There are 10-Marla and 1 Kanal plots in the society having all the basic necessities of life.

Plot Size:

  • 10-Marla has a price range from PKR 29.5 lac to PKR 32 lac                
  • 1-Kanal has a price range from PKR 45 lac to PKR 4 9.5 lac

DHA Peshawar:

DHA Peshawar has come into an ideal thought in 2007. Due to the processes of selection and identification, the project took a long time and lastly came into existence in 2009.

The society was built with the intentions of transforming the living standards to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

DHA Peshawar intensely holds the pleasure of being the first housing society with topnotch amenities and quality living environment.

The society has covered an area of about 6000 Kanal. It is situated on Northern Bypass Ring road. There is an announcement of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots whose balloting was held on 4th March 2016.

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Plot Size:

  • 10-Marla has a price range from PKR 24 lac to PKR 28 lac                           
  • 1-Kanal has a price range from PKR 51 lac to PKR 55 lac.


Hope you all have got a complete knowledge after the interesting read. DHA will always be an avaricious and seizing investment option.


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