Everything You Need To Know About Rawalpindi Commercial Market

In property market of Rawalpindi, the number of transactions for commercial property are higher than residential. There are two reasons behind it: firstly, the remarkable rental profit. Secondly, the higher prices that a commercial property brings in compared to Residential.

In commercial areas, rental prices frequently decide the market worth of a property. With such a large number of choices available, deciding the right market rate or trying to describe its range is hard.

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Difficult To Evaluate Market Rates:

In developed commercial markets of any city, defining estimated price of a Commercial property – as it can be a plot, shop or a plaza – is based on number of characteristics, for example,

  • Different rental rates
  • Different size of plots, shops, and plazas
  • The particular location within the area, plaza or the market
  • If it is about plaza, how recently was it developed
  • Presence of famous brands near the building, society or in the society
  • Rental rate of individual person
  • Most importantly, the owner’s demand

In Rawalpindi, same as different cities, the market price of business plots and constructed units is changed. The per Marla rate of commercial plots in famous commercial markets is between PKR 3 million to PKR 4.5 million. For constructed property, the value is slightly higher.

Specific Areas For Specific Kind Of Business: 

Same as other cities, business and trade events are passed out in definite areas. For example, wholesale and retail dealers of electronics and furniture are frequently found on Murree Road – a famous commercial road in the city. This road is well-known, and there are limited plots available. Thus, mostly interested buyers are seeing for shops or plazas.

Rawalpindi has a specific market for venders of fashion accessories, jewelry, shoes, and vendors of domestic items in Saddar Bazar and the commercial market in Satellite Town. Only limited commercial plots are available in these areas. The price range of shops are different for shops in plazas and independent shops.

Besides, Peshawar Road is considered best for banks, corporate offices, and business setups.

High rental prices, that are different for different areas and that also vary by plaza to plaza, Price labels for commercial property in recognized commercial areas have reached their highest point. The higher rental rates are the only attractive point for the potential buyers. 

New Trends:

In the developed commercial markets of Rawalpindi, Commercial property got the highest price rate. Thus, more rise in prices is expected in these areas. Furthermore, the prices of commercial property in leading areas and recently launched societies are lower now.

Additionally, the rise in prices of these commercial plots is expected to be stark. Moreover, the commercial plots in many projects are accessible at an appropriate payment plan, so in this way, they attract a large number of potential buyers.

In order to buy commercial property in areas and in newly launched societies, some aspects need to be measured. Following are some points you should keep in mind while deciding a commercial property:

  • The locality or neighborhood of the commercial area should have a number of residents, the number of these are also expected to grow.
  • The society is approved by RDA.
  • The developer is trustworthy in terms of timely delivery of the project.
  • Existing or planned infrastructure of the locality is promising.
  • The size or dimension of the plot is not odd.

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