Three Best Places To Rent A Home In Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is a major city in the country with an unquenchable interest for accommodation. The average cost for basic items here is lower when contrasted with its twin city, which is the reason many search for housing here, and go to Islamabad for work each day. However, property costs in great regions here aren't that low either. Thus, houses for rent are very much in demand here.

Below are the best picks for renting a home in Rawalpindi.

Bahria Town Rawalpindi:

Bahria Town drives alternate social orders with a crushing margin. It’s really a world class gated society with remarkable living standards. Split into nine phases, it brags such a significant number of points of interest over different zones that it isn't generally an opposition. The most prominent area inside Bahria Town is Phase 8.

It isn't just about the community clubs, covered streets and rich greenbelts, but the greatest advantages are the educational institutes and medical centers. Safari Hospital, Begum Akhtar Rukhsana Memorial Welfare Trust Hospital and Reliance Hospital take into account occupants' medical requirements. The Millennium University College, Ace International High School Academy and Roots Millennium School are all elite schools with campuses in Bahria Town.

A 2 story, 5-marla house with 3 bedrooms has monthly rent of PKR 30,000 – PKR 40,000.

A 2 story, 7-marla house with 5 bedrooms has monthly rent of PKR 40,000 – PKR 50,000.

A 2 story, 10-marla house with 5 bedrooms has monthly rent of PKR 55,000 – PKR 70,000.

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Satellite Town:

Satellite Town is a desirable rural neighborhood, partitioned into six blocks. It has numerous families from prosperous foundations, and normally, wide streets fixed with trees, delightfully planned homes, and perfectly cropped lawns are a typical sight here. Moreover, world class educational institutes like The City School, Beaconhouse School System and IIUI Schools have campuses here.

It is effectively accessible through Saidpur Road and Murree Road. The property here is always in high demand.

The monthly rent of a standard double story 7-marla house in Satellite Town is ranging from PKR 65,000 to PKR 75,000. While a 10-marla house here will cost you monthly rent of PKR 80,000 – PKR 90,000.

Chaklala Scheme 1, 2 and 3:

Chaklala is a noteworthy rural town of Rawalpindi, which has a Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force base. As it is a piece of Rawalpindi Cantonment, security is an undeniable benefit of living here. In addition, it is linked to the remaining of the city via Airport Road, Rawal Road and GT Road.

The monthly rent of a 7-marla house in Chaklala Scheme is ranging from PKR 50,000 to PKR 70,000. While a 10-marla house here will cost you a monthly rent of PKR 65,000 – PKR 80,000.

These were a portion of the best sites to discover a home on rent in Rawalpindi. Are there any better regions you can think of? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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