Looking For Adventure Tourism In Pakistan? Here Are The Best Spots For You

Adventurous tourism has been rising on the top for the young generation. They are keen observers of activities like skiing, hiking or cliff-diving. They cannot deny the thrill of these adventures, Pakistan is one of the countries that have many tourist sights so Just pack up your bags and luggage and get ready for all those thrills available in Pakistan.

Cholistan Desert:

The Cholistan Desert is one the best place located in the Southern region of Punjab near Bahawalpur in Pakistan. It is one of the best that you can go for an adventure. A jeep safari is used for sand dunes and will be a marvelous experience and helps you in exploring the desert. Camel safaris are the one thing that should be tried once in your life and these are also available there. A ride on these camels makes you feel like you are in the Arabian Nights tales. And at night, you can stay at a camp and have delicious BBQ that adds value to your trip.

Nalter Valley:

It is beautiful and charming region situated in Gilgit and can be accessed through Karakoram Highway. It contains multiple lakes with multi-colored rocks that makes them unbelievably beautiful. Hiking and camping along these types of lakes is an awesome experience. This valley has also skiing and ski lifts so that one can hit the slopes in this beautiful valley. You should not go there in winter because of snow piled up to 10 to 15 feet high that will make it impossible to travel there.

Nanga Parbat Base Camp and Fairy Meadows:

Nanga Parbat is the perfect place for everyone to have excitement, fun, and adventure. You need to be properly trained for the best experience of tough adventures. This is the place which does not possess any modern amenities and keep you away from all your daily routine task and worries. So, you have to spend days without these facilities. You have to forget and stay out of those snapchat selfies and just focus on this beautiful place. There is also a fairy meadow that lets everyone to forget everything and just feel this natural beauty.

Skardu Valley:

Skardu is the most valuable place of Pakistan that has a lot of places you can visit. It is a place like heaven for most of the tourists. The climate of Skardu is moderate. You can visit all the options there with a proper tour guide. Shangrila is the favorite tourist place for all the tourists and just like a heaven.

Khanpur Dam:

Khanpur dam is the place that is easily accessible and the best place for an adventure. It is just near Islamabad and can be a day trip. It is one the best places where you can go for school trips, or with friends and family without any disruption. You can do different activities at Khanpur dam like cliff paragliding, cliff diving, and jet skiing. Also, this place has got all the facilities like restaurants etc.

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