Gulberg Lahore – The Ultimate Investors’ Choice

Lahore is the city that has become extremely popular over the last decade in terms of real estate investment. Many businessmen and investors have wrapped up their business and moved from Karachi to Lahore due to degenerating law and order. Not only Karachi but people from different cities have been shifting to Lahore as well.

Gulberg area in Lahore is the one that is the ultimate choice for investors. They want to build multi-use developments like residence and offices combined in one place. So, it is the central point of commercial activity. Investors are keenly observing Gulberg and they started developing foundations of mixed-use developments that enhance their value. 

Solving the issue, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has constructed new roads in commercial areas and has given commercial status to those properties that are located on these roads. Therefore, all the commercial and mixed-use projects are not only found on the main boulevard but also located at the back of this area.

Due to increasing commercial activities in the neighborhood, it has been observed that old residents have started vacating their properties. Landlords are also preferring to sell their homes at commercial property rates to buyers who are interested to buy.

There is no particular idea about prices in Gulberg because the proper standard market rate is given neither for old homes nor for malls. And the same variation exists for shops, offices, and showrooms in plazas. Both the parties and property owners have set their own price rules and demands for buying and selling. The price is often related to location, exposure, property condition, and availability of amenities.

In a nutshell, the area has become fully commercial and many developers or investors are going to target several national or international brands, food chains, and corporate firms here. We advise you to consult real estate experts before investing money in any development in this area for a better guidance.

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