Bahria Garden City Victims – What Now?

In September 2015, a declaration was revealed that Bahria Garden City (In the past known as Serene City) has been taken over by DHA Islamabad. Zone 5 to Zone 9 were authoritatively converged with DHA as both parties signed a memorandum of Understanding.

After that DHA Stage 3 was formally initiated on 10th March 2016. This event turned out as a surprise, as the groundbreaking strategy was absolutely unexpected.

2 years prior, the project advancement started like other different projects of Bahria Town. Because of the quick pace improvement, the project was sold at a higher cost than business sector cost.

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Reasons Behind Bahria Garden City Investors Become Affecters:

In 2016, an immediate notice was received to stop the payments in installment and construction process. The authority has also clutched the rights of all plot owners for 2 years. 2700 plot owners got influenced because of all the alteration.

Bahria Town caught the undertaking unexpectedly in the name of the merger with DHA. They quit taking installments and giving ownership of plots. The plot owners were informed that they have some settlement issues with DHA. Once these issues are settled, they will start taking installments.

The 2700 affectees sat tight for just about a year and a half. At that point, they heard the news that Bahria Garden City is converged with DHA. The normal result expected to be a positive effect, but unlike that, things didn't unwrap themselves in a positive way.

Now the DHA has taken the ownership of Garden City, They say that every person needs to pay 35 lacs more for each plot possession. Keep in mind that everybody has already purchased these plots and these 35 lac per plot are being asked as an additional payment.

The Last Expression of Expectation:

The victims have appealed to Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan, with a supplication to consider this issue and get people their legal property. A few protests have also been held in retaliation for this decision.

Those who purchased the plots in Bahria Garden City have spent their lifetime earnings. Around 3,000 families, got affected by this. What the developers are now attempting to do is resell the same plot to the same person who has already just purchased and paid for the plot.

The development plan for DHA Phase 3 is not available as of now. Hopefully, declarations and launches of the plot will be seen soon. We truly hope that this issue will get resolved and Malik Riaz (Proprietor of Bahria Town) will play his part in solving this.

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