Bahria Town Lahore - 7 Best Things About the Project

Bahria Town is one of the large housing schemes in Pakistan.  There used to be just a handful of places to visit such as Shalimar Garden, Lahore Zoo, Badshahi Mosque, etc. in the city of Lahore but now Bahria has provided many other beautiful places to visit as well.

I have visited Bahria Town and I want to share my experience of places over there with you.

Grand Mosque:

The Mosque situated in Bahria town is one of the largest mosques in the world.  The beauty of this mosque is that it gives a historical look that no one would ever want to miss. The Grand Mosque is designed with beautiful marble floors and traditional Turkey carpets that represent the culture of various Islamic countries.

Eiffel Tower:

The fascinating Eiffel tower replica is built in Lahore in Bahria town. It is 265 feet high, giving tribute to the original one. It is the site that seeks the attention of those who want to go and visit Paris to see and relish the Eiffel tower.

It gives a heart touching view at night and many photographers are now using this in backgrounds for their photography to add some value to their masterpieces. Eiffel tower has 3 floors L’Eiffel (Coffee shop), Fine Dine (Restaurant) and Top (Viewing Deck). There is a ticket of Rs.100 per person for the top view and a ticket of Rs.300/person that u have to purchase before entering the restaurant.

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Egyptian Pyramids – Ahram-e-Misr:

It is the beautiful site that gives an ancient look which you should never miss. The society has built a special place at the theme of Egyptian treasures that is different from the surroundings. There are beautiful texts and images in the calligraphic form on the walls that reflect its traditional art. This area has also beautiful parks and grounds built on the theme of Egypt and Cambodia.

Bahria Hotel And Resort:

The Bahria town has a luxurious hotel that has beautiful rooms based on International standards. This hotel has a list of food chains that provide different cuisines. There is Akbar’s Cuisine, Café Grand, and Panini Café inside the resort. It is one the best dine-in place. It also has a mini golf at the side of the hotel. One can go there with their family to spend some quality time.

Cine Gold Movie Cinema:

There is an outstanding Cinema in Bahria town with luxury interior and seats. The inbuilt screen and modern speakers give you an outstanding experience over there. The chairs are also very comfortable and provide you with a comfortable sitting experience. The ticket price for the regular seat is Rs. 700 per person and Rs. 1200 per person for VIP family box.

Bahria Town Country Club:

Bahria town is also providing a country club for entertainment and dine out place. It is a place where you can enjoy different cuisines and get entertained by playing golf.

It just looks like a heaven in the daytime and a charming place at night.

Bahria Food Court:

Bahria town is also providing food court where one can go and enjoy the taste of that delicious food with different cuisines; from spicy to the sweet tooth. It is located outside the cinema so you can easily grab your food during your show. You can also find all the famous international and national brands like Optp, KFC, PappaRoti, and Chinese grill over there.

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