Naval Anchorage, Gwadar – A Good Investment Opportunity?

Gwadar will be the launching pad for Pakistan's financial action later on and will remain so for a long time. Gwadar's real estate, in the meantime, has caught the attention of Pakistani and foreign real estate investors.

However, there is still hesitation among investors with regards to Gwadar, basically in light of the fact that it's all in the future. It is this component of vulnerability that can give even the most ambitious investors a pause. However, what makes Naval Anchorage special is that it is the first Gwadar venture backed by the joint effort of the military. For individuals hoping to make that jump into real estate when everything is completed, this scheme might be the perfect opportunity.


Location Overview:

The location of Maritime Anchorage Gwadar is not so much perfect as it is somewhat away from the population. It will take some time before the place is well-developed and practically habitable. Situated in Ankara Shumali close to the Gwadar Jiwani seaside expressway, it is a 20-kilometer drive from the Gwadar port, seven minutes from the airport, and five minutes from Marine Drive. Regardless of the issue of marginally out of the way location, the Gawadar Development Authority (GDA) master plan proposes that six main roads will go through the Naval Anchorage arrive, so it will be adequately associated with Gwadar with simple access to all the amenities.

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Progress On The Project So Far:

Naval Anchorage has been allowed a NOC by the GDA and the undertaking spans over more than 1,450 acres of land. Out of this land, more than 100 acres will be committed to parks and green spaces. Moreover, Naval Anchorage will be a gated community. It's worth a mention that developers are keeping the expectations realistic and are not looking to promise something they can't deliver.

However, considering the solid probability of public interest and healthy investment, because of Pakistan Navy's involvement, we can be somewhat optimistic that the promises made will be kept sooner rather than later. It is because of this that we can look with trust on the planned amenities such as schools, universities, healthcare facilities, parks,  as well as recreational facilities, etc.


Price Trends:

There are 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal plots available in the venture. The plots are available on a 3-year installment plan and their prices are as follows:


·        5 Marla: 1,900,000

·        10 Marla: 3,000,000

·        1 Kanal: 4,800,000

·        2 Kanal: 9,000,000


So, Should You Invest In Naval Anchorage?

Naval Anchorage, due to the different blend of elements – will be a long-term investment. So, if you are willing to make a long-term investment, Naval Anchorage may simply be the correct place for you in Gwadar. Also, Naval Anchorage could serve as a launching pad for your investment, much the same as Gwadar for Pakistan.

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