The Role of New Development in Gujranwala Real Estate

Infrastructure plays an important role in the city that is under an urban development. Roads, flyovers, and underpasses not only play an important role in facilitating the residents of the city but also have a great impact on its real estate market.

Gujranwala considers the best city with the perspective of its real estate market. Few projects have been developed in Gujranwala that helped to increase its value in Urban center.

Roads play a keen role for the residents to move throughout the city. So, the road helps its city to expand its area for further development. Moreover, the prices of lands of such areas where these roads pass to go up.

That’s why investors, developers, and buyers keep their eyes on all ongoing projects in Gujranwala.

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Maintenance Of Roads:

Maintenance of roads has been properly started in Gujranwala. The population of the city has been rising rapidly over the last couple of years due to which many of the roads were repaired and improved.


Flyover at Aziz Cross:

A major project has been started in Gujranwala that is Aziz cross Flyover on GT road. The traffic from Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Sialkot used to block and converge for hours at Aziz cross. This flyover will help the road to be totally signal free. This project is almost completed and is partially opened for traffic. The inauguration of the flyover will be held on 30 September.


Master City Bridge:

A Bridge has constructed that connects the Master city with the rest of Gujranwala. It is the first project that the society has undertaken. It will surely throw a strong impact on entrance but it’s a very costly venture. This project has distinguished the Master city from other housing societies.


Dualisation of Sheikhupura-Gujranwala Road:

The road moving from Sheikhupra to Gujranwala plays an important role in traffic movements to and from the city. Currently, it is not capable of supporting a thousand vehicles every day. Therefore, the project is in working to make it a dual road. The new proposed 43 km road will have 8 new bridges while the existing bridges will be rebuilt and reconstructed.

All these projects have made the stage for the real estate players to expand the city and develop quality housing schemes for residents of Gujranwala.

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