Want advice about CPEC resort

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    Asama 1 year ago

    Aslamo alikum ...

    I want to buy 1 kanal plot in cpec resort... On price of 1080000,... Its not rda approved yet...But they given ground plot... I seeks advise related to price.. And Return

  • R
    Rohail 1 year ago

    Too far, imho

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    Ramadan 1 year ago

    Asama only buy if you see some serious activity by the developer. Don't get yourself struck in low price trap. There are societies on this road much better and cheaper.

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    Rahil 1 year ago

    They are saying development will be complete in 4 years.

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    Rabee 1 year ago

    Everyone says the same. Plots sold by Bahria in phase-8 in 2003 are still not handed over. Buy but only after serious activity.

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    Raees 1 year ago

    Who is the developer of this project, developer's reputation with respect to previous projects matter alot....

  • M
    Muzhir 1 year ago

    On Chakri road Al Haram City, RDA approved and much better location. Is selling 1 kanal plot for 3 lac. Keep in mind its atleast 10 years investment.

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    Muzzammill 1 year ago

    I am thinking of doing alharam city investment for at least 20 years. Just like we people do insurance for 20 years. And ones my children needs money for education or marriage I ll sell that.

  • T
    Tazeen 1 year ago

    where is it located?

  • M
    Muzam 1 year ago

    The main concern is not RDA approved yet!

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