Best society in zone 2

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    Mehroz 2 years ago

    Please advise which society is a safe and good mid term investment in zone-2.

    D-17, b-17, faisal town, d-18


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    Ajmal 2 years ago

    Sir, Please visit any dealer in D-17 just ask the prices of plots. Just for your convenience, I can tell you the price tag of 1 kenal land in D-17 is between 7 to 10 million you can confirm it. Price of the same piece of land at a good location for investment is somewhat same or the little bit higher in B-17, F-17, and Faisal town. So, there come 3 more societies AWT, ECHS, and Gulshan- Sehat where prices are lower.

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    Akeem 2 years ago

    Now, as far as AWT is concerned its the cheapest since not a single family is living there. Please visit Gulshan-Sehat and ECHS price of 1 kenal there is b/w 40-75. I chose ECHS for investment after proper surveying. I have two plots there. Just bought them last month. Please do a proper survey yourself don't trust dealers....

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    Adil 2 years ago

    What about F-16 /3 and /4 ?

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    Aahil 2 years ago

    Sir, It's better to invest in possession ones rather than non-possession ones. If you have enough money and patience you can do invest there, surely your investment will be fruitful when the time arrives.

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    Anzar 2 years ago

    CDECHS. Moreover, feel free to contact me :)

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    Faiq 2 years ago

    D-18 is the area beside the CDA Sector D-17. D-18 doesn’t fall under the CDA, yet it is termed as the specified area of Islamabad. Three housing schemes operate in this sector, namely ECHS, AWT and Wapda Town.

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    Maruf 2 years ago

    Multi Gardens in Sector B17 lies on G-T road and it is a proper CDA Sector. It is being developed by Multi-Professionals Cooperative Housing Scheme (MPCHS)which is a renowned name in Islamabad real estate sector and has a history of successful housing schemes like Islamabad Gardens in E-11 and Tele-Gardens in F-17. We have jotted down some points for general information about b-17.

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    Muzzammill 2 years ago

    Wapda town, in fact, doesn’t fall completely within D-18, yet some of its area lies closer to AWT which is considered to be under D-18. All three housing schemes can be considered for investment. We will shed some light on all of these housing schemes.

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    Muzhir 2 years ago

    PECHS is located on fateh jang road. Its phase 1 was developed by PECHS itself but developments standards are not so high. Phase 2 which includes K and M blocks is being developed by EXTOL, which is a third party developer. Development standards in K and M are higher than previous blocks.

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