What is the future of Gwadar housing/commercial schemes?

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    Abbas 2 years ago

    I visited Gwadar last week and also saw developmental peojects here. According to me, future is bright. What do you think? 

  • A
    Azhar 2 years ago

    No doubt Gwadar's future is bright. I also visited this area last month but development working wasn't that much fast as I was expected.  

  • T
    Tariq 2 years ago

        Future is completely uncertain but recent situation tells us that Gwadar is going to be the most developed and revenue generated city around the Pakistan. 

  • Z
    Zeeshan 2 years ago

         We have the option to plan for the future and people do this. Pakistan’s richest people are ready to enjoy the developed environment. Future is bright because it includes government’s interest, China’s investment in billion foreign interest and mega developmental projects. 

  • J
    John 2 years ago

        Gwadar port is named as future Dubai of Asia, what does it mean? It is clear that Gwadar port is going to be the financial hub. 

  • S
    Shahid 2 years ago

         A number of developmental projects are active in Gwadar right now. Silk road project CPEC project, and most important international airport project will be operational by December 2017. These developments increase the interest and people start investing. In this scenario, I didn’t see that Gwadar has dark future. 

  • T
    Tahir 2 years ago

       Gwadar’s future is bright because of its developmental projects 

  • A
    Amir 2 years ago

       Different developmental projects differentiate Gwadar form other locations of the Pakistan. Obviously, it has a bright and rising future 

  • A
    Ahmed 2 years ago

    God gifted natural resources give it more attention. World’s developed country China is involved in Gwadar’s development. And, we all know if China involves in any project then they mean it. This is also a reason behind Gwadar’s bright future 

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    Ayaan 2 years ago

    Gwadar port is located near shipping route actually, connecting three continents Africa, Asia, and Europe. And 60% of oil tankers trade with transportation will take place water of straits of Hormuz. This is clear from the scenario that Gwadar is becoming financial hub very soon.  

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