Opf housing scheme peshawar

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  • S
    Subhan 1 year ago



    I want to buy 5-7 marla plot in opf housing scheme peshawar, kindly guide me accordingly.

  • F
    Faizan 1 year ago

    Why you want to buy in opf peshawar? for living or investment?

  • S
    Subhan 1 year ago

    For now i want to invest but after 4,5 years may be use for living.

  • F
    Furqan 1 year ago

    5 Marla House For Sale

    OPF Housing Scheme, Peshawar Price Rs 50 Lakh

  • A
    Asama 1 year ago

    I don't think there much room for investment in opf, those whom are living there wants to move inside the city area due to access and distance, so even in longer period it will not give any return if it does it will be very little.

  • H
    Haneef 1 year ago

    I visited opf area, it gives purely a village style area look and living.

  • A
    Asghar 1 year ago

    AL haram is more far from OPF, how you can say OPF is not good because of access and distance.

  • T
    Tariq 1 year ago

    In al haram already 5 marla is 26 lacs, now how you thing it will go up.. I am not arguing , i want your kind suggestion, kindly assist me.

  • Z
    Zeeshan 1 year ago

    Greetings. Sir i would like to 4-5 marla house at peshawar opf please guide me how much it will.

  • K
    Khaliq123 1 year ago

    OPF Housing Scheme Budhni Road Peshawar spread over an area of 991 kanals is located near on Budhni Road near Motorway exit, which encompasses 681 residential and 74 Commercial plots.

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