Naval Anchorage Gwadar

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    Muzam 2 years ago

    What is your view on Naval Anchorage Gwadar? Please share your views

  • T
    Tazeen 2 years ago

    i have visited there one time, rates are very high 

  • R
    Rehan 2 years ago

    I called them a few weeks ago, Booking started like 3 months ago

  • M
    Mueez 2 years ago

    Stay away, unless u want to invest for 8 to 10 years. Rates are very high.

  • F
    Faiq 2 years ago

     It is an ideal opportunity for property investment in Gwadar. Secure your future today, book a plot with an easy payment plan through Uprise.

  • Y
    Yawer 2 years ago


    You should rather be investing in a commercial plot on Makran Coastal Highway. After 6 months or so start file trading and earn easy cash.

  • O
    Obaidulallah 2 years ago

    Prices are really low right now and it is also safe investment backed by Pakistan Navy with a good track record. There is no option left in Islamabad in a similar budget of near 3 Million PKR. Prices of plots have become outrageous in and around Islamabad already. 

  • A
    Ajmal 2 years ago

    Allotment of plots will be done through computerized balloting, so you can submit more than one application forms in order to increase your chances of winning out a plot on the ballot.

  • D
    Daniyalali 2 years ago

    Naval Anchorage Gwadar balloting has been announced in next coming week of December 2017.

  • Z
    Zuhoor558 2 years ago

    It is good society and also very expensive.

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