DHA and Bahria Town new deal regarding BT Garden City.

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  • A
    Aahil 2 years ago

    Today talks are in progress about DHA getting all of the garden city Rawalpindi from Bahria town.

    Some plots of the garden city would go to DHA-4 as well. Do not sell GC plot if you do not have to sell. Maybe an agreement would be signed today. 

  • I
    Ibrahim 2 years ago

     Quality of roads and infrastructure is much better than that of Dha. In Bahria town, you will hardly find any broken roads or wore down footpaths that you often come across in DHA Lahore and Karachi.


  • A
    Asad 2 years ago

    I think you should go for Bahria town. 

  • M
    Mustafa 2 years ago

    Garden City will be the main beneficiary in each when compared against Phase 8 or any other. The location itself is better.

  • S
    Saqib 2 years ago

    Mr.Aahil I didn't get your main point?

  • A
    Araiz451 2 years ago

    In my research, the agreement has been signed.

  • M
    Muzam 2 years ago

    Will this boost garden city and phase 8 market as well? I have investment there.

  • Z
    Zeeshan3 2 years ago


    Somebody discussed on this forum perhaps agreement has already signed 3-days ago. Bahria Garden city & DHA3

  • Y
    Yaqoob858 2 years ago

    If DHA has settled matters with Aaghosh (DHA-3) then there is a very good news as GC and phase-8 will have another access from GT road.

  • Z
    Zuhoor558 2 years ago

    no idea about Rawalpindi city. 

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