Guide to Buy 1 Kanal Plot in Bahria Town, Lahore (Latest Trends)

It is one of Lahore's best places to boast of while living in it.

Over time, it became an independent town with its own character. You get a feeling of driving through a park when you go through Bahria Town. With the passage of time, it expands and gives the people more services. When all said and gone, without any further loss of time, there are very few things to take care of.

Bahria Town has always been a popular option among Lahore's residents. They always dream of living in the state-of-the-art gated community. This mega real estate project looks, even from an investment perspective, to be a great choice for people who want to use their money for maximum profits. The housing society has a huge infrastructure, a well-planned road network and a constant electricity supply among other top-of-the-line services. So, if you want to buy a property for investment or build a house, here is our analysis of the best blocks to buy 1 Kanal plot in Bahria Town, Lahore. It is also trendy there.


Normal Price Of 1 Kanal Plot in Bahria Town, Lahore

 The price of the plot in Bahria Town, Lahore, differs depending on where and how that block is built.

The average price for 1 Kanal Plot is far higher than the other blocks in Bahria Town Lahore according to the information shown in the table. This has been designed to meet global living standards with modern infrastructure, wonderful green areas and luxury amenities. It promotes quality lifestyle prevalent in foreign countries. It is designed in accordance with the international standards of living. The prices of plots are relatively high in the Overseas B block as well.

All Overseas A and B blocks have been designed exclusively for the appeal of Pakistanis and foreigners in the residential community. They are one of the most esthetically built blocks in the country. The high demand for plots in these two blocks has thus led to higher prices.

In the meantime, the Jinnah Block and the Janiper Block in Bahria Town are also at the most beneficial for investors when it comes to selling 1 Kanal plots. The primary reason for their success is their position and their access to the main entrance to the fully developed housing community. However, the Janiper Block is in Sector C, which is known as the Bahria Town's commercial centre. Sector E Jinnah Block also boasts strong infrastructure and extensive facilities, but the 80 feet wide Jinnah Avenue is the most prominent feature.


What Are The Most Popular Blocks In Bahria Town, Lahore?

According to the real estate investors, Jinnah Block, Talha Block, and Tauheed Block seem to be the best blocks for the purchasing of one Kanal plots in Bahria Town Lahore.

These popular blocks are followed by Overseas B Block, Ghaznavi Block, Ghazi Block, and Janiper Block.

Let's look at price trends in the top 3 blocks in Bahria Town in Lahore with one Kanal plots for sale and address the source of their success.


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Jinnah Block in Bahria Town Lahore

Jinnah Block is first on the list of best blocks to purchase 1 Kanal plot in Bahria Town Lahore. This block in Sector E of the high-end housing sector offered just 5 Marla plots previously. Nevertheless, over a year later, the map was updated.  Now the area was replaced by new property portions of 10 marlas and 1 Kanal.

The typical price of 1 Kanal plots in Jinnah Block is PKR 2.4 crore.

Reasons for The Popularity of This Block

  • First of all, Jinnah Block is situated close to the majestic Grand Jamia Mosque. In its vicinity, you will also find the famous replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Clock Tower and the Rafi Block.
  • Second, there is a well-paved 40-feet-wide network of streets around the neighbourhood. While Jinnah Road, 80 feet long, is right through its heart. It makes it readily accessible from all parts of Bahria, Lahore and vice versa.


Other Facilities Available in Jinnah Block

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure,
  • Beautiful green spaces
  • Parks
  • Proper waste management
  • Underground cable systems
  • Education institutes such as Bahria town school and college
  • Al-Fatah store
  • Lasani mart
  • Bismillah medical

Talha Block

Talha Block also ranked as second right after Jinnah Block. Also, in Sector E, this block provides all the luxury amenities that would ensure a quality lifestyle of for its residents. Although this is a newer block, that is why the development of many houses, is now underway at a rapid pace.

The average price of the 1-Kanal plots in Talha Block is 1,75 crores. It is one of the affordable areas in Bahria Town, Lahore. Such plots are ready for possession.

The Talha Block is strategically located. It also draws developers and frequent buyers with the finest facilities and well-developed infrastructure.

Amenities of Talha Block Bahria Town

  • Wide carpeted streets,
  • Mosque
  • Beautiful parks
  • Safe and secure environment.
  • Educational institutes such as Beaconhouse
  • Grocery stores
  • Market areas

Tauheed Block In Bahria Town Lahore

Tauheed Block claimed third-place among the best blocks to buy 1 Kanal plots in Bahria Town Lahore. It is currently under development and is located in sector F. Total development work has almost been completed on this site, such as road drains, drainage pipes and the installation of underground electrical cables. In turn, the green spaces and parks contribute to its beauty and foster a relaxed environment.

The average price in Tauheed Block in PKR 1.8 crore for 1 Kanal plots for sale. It is important to mention that plot ownership has not yet been marketed in the community. The prices of 1 Kanal residential plots in the block would rise after the ownership is transferred.

The Bahria Town School and College are also located in Tauheed Block, which is considered to be one of the top educational schools in the region. In the meantime, a short drive from this block is popular leisure places such as Raiha CineGold Plex Cinema and Bahria Food Court. According to Bahria Town's master plan, Sector F will also be home to an international theme park.


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