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Which floor is best suitable to invest?

As more and more communities in Pakistan chose vertical expansions, the buying of an apartment in a high-rise tower soon becomes an option for many citizens who have never before had to take the decision into consideration. While the apartment is substantially more inexpensive and therefore attractive to a wider group of investors, the vertical expansion often makes it possible for developers to house a number of families in one lot and creates an overall investment opportunity. An important concern as a buyer is deciding on which floor an apartment can be rented.

Regardless of whether you intend or are about to rent the property in a short period, it is a choice that should not be taken lightly to choose the correct floor in an apartment building. If you have an apartment on the right floor the rental income can be raised, your initial investment costs less and a lot more.

What are the main factors in a high-rise house if you buy an apartment and how does the location of the apartment influence your decision? Let's figure out. Let's check it out.

Decide on which Floor to Buy an Apartment

We're here to reassure you that you are not alone if you have a difficult time choosing the floor in an apartment building. A great number of people in Pakistan are facing the same dilemma, especially as its building regulations for high-speed development are amended by the Lahore Development Authority (LDAs). Here are the explanations for determining which floor to buy an apartment:

  • Rental profit
  • Sound
  • Cost of an Apartment 
  • Easy access
  • Natural lighting and ventilation
  • Private life

With these variables, it may be rendered much simpler to choose the best floor in an apartment building. Now, on each of them, we will elaborate a little more.

This was always the way to get the most panoramic views from your walls and balconies. But it is entirely up to the location of the apartment building. Check out the windows as you tour potential investment apartments, and see if you'd see natural scene every morning. Go for it, if this is a yes!

Rental Profit

Renters frequently like apartments nearer to the ground. It has often been reported. The easy access to the ground floor is one of the reasons. Another explanation is because you would probably prefer to be as close to the ground as possible in a rental house if your owner used to live in a house previously. Therefore, since high-rise buildings in Pakistan are still quite a new concept, few families would be happy on the top floors if they don't like the views you enjoyed. All this means better odds than the best of attracting tenants for flats on the bottom and middle levels.


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While the purchasing of an apartment in a high-rise building has many benefits, investment in an apartment on the lower floor may not be a sensible decision, especially if the residential tower is in a crowded or busy city. This is because noise goes up and people may have to bring sound coming up from the roads in the first, second, or even third story.

Personal Life Will Never Be Disturbed

The higher you move, the more your apartment is private. The high-rise towers usually have cleaner-upper floors with respect to both foot traffic and road sounds. You are far more able to see views from your house and can relax in complete privacy on your balcony.

Natural Light and Airy

For a light breeze from the west, choose the top floors when renting an apartment in a high-rise tower while flooring natural light into your doors. Lower floors, particularly in densely populated areas, have restricted access to light and air. Higher floors are also prone to fewer houseflies and insect intrusions.

Higher Apartments Cost More

Higher apartments have their fair share of benefits, but they usually offer better value for money. Higher-level units generally cost more and in many residential complexes, the penthouses are the crowning jewel. Apartment on the upper floor will also add power costs more than the lower because of the need for air-conditioning while living in a country such as Pakistan where summers warm and humid.

Find Something Easy of Access

Most of the new residential high-speed lifts and backup power supplies were built to keep the elevators running in case of a failure. In just a couple of minutes, you can easily access the higher levels, but you have some challenges. Compared to the number of people how many elevators are available? Are you going to stand every day on long lines? Does anyone in the group have a disability which could render reaching the higher floor tougher for them? Many buyers will prefer higher apartments because at the upper end of the market they have more competition, but families looking for a new home may like something with more with easy access so that they can take the stairs if the generator fails on them at any point in time.


Decide on which floor to buy an apartment if you know what to think about before investing in the house. Take the above factors into account when buying a new apartment in a high-rise building and it is worth it! Until moving in, do not neglect to examine the house, so you invest in a property worth cash!


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