Bahria Town Lahore: With Splendid Landmarks

Monuments testify to one's plans and obligations. Monuments are chosen to show the dedication of big businessmen in Bahria City, both customers and residents.

Once again, Bahria Town stands out as Pakistan's only culture with such beautiful artistic components.

Bahria Town is Pakistan's biggest home developer. Since the time you were born in Lahore, you must have seen Minar e Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Zoo, etc. Bahria Town Lahore has now revived and offered different alternatives for your good leisure moment.

Are you planning to visit any new places in Lahore?

Grand Mosque, Bahria Lahore

Bahria town has the world's seventh and third-biggest paksitani mosques, i.e. Grand Mosque. The mosque itself is a memorial to beauty that leaves a man with his historical perspective speechless. Seventy thousand individuals can pray at a same time. It represents Turkey's culture with nicely constructed tapestries, chandeliers, art and more.


Eiffel Tower Now Stands in Pakistan Bahria Town

In Bahria Town of Lahore, the gigantic el Tower is replicated. It is 265 meters big and pays homage to the original. For those who want to go to Paris and have a look at what it really feels like, it's a sightseeing.

It provides a very cardiovascular perspective at night. Many marriage photographers now use this context to make their marriage master piece more beautiful.

Eiffel Tower is spread over three levels: L'Eiffel, Fin Dine, and Top, (Viewing Deck). The Eiffel Tower has three levels. There is a Rs 100/-ticket per person in a restaurant, and a Rs 350/-ticket per person is included in the top view.


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Egyptian Pyramids –the Gigantic Ahram-e-Misr

You cannot miss this magnificent archeological site. A unique Enclave was constructed by the community to focus on Egyptian treasures. Wonderful calligraphical documents and pictures representing historical architecture can be found on the wall.

This area has splendid parks constructed on the theme of Cambodia and Egypt. The large Egyptian thematic doors offer a fascinating view.

Hotels and Resorts in Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore has a splendid, world-class hotel with luxury uest rooms. There are also meal chains that offer a broad range of kitchens. In the resort are Akbar's Cuisine, Grand Café and Panini Café.

A mini golf course is on the edge of the hotel to provide a leisure and dining under one roof. You can go and spend a fun weekend with your family.


Cine Gold Movie Cinema

Inside the community there is an excellent cinema with a contemporary normal exterior. You will enjoy an outstanding experience with the built in display and audio schemes. The seats are really cozy and make your movie enjoyable.

A standard room reservation rate is Rs. 700/-per individual and the VIP family box costs Rs. 1200 per individual, including 14 sofa recliners.


Country Club Bahria Town Lahore

The Country Club is a location where you can appreciate various cuisines and love golf in the lovely greenery.

It offers a panoramic perspective of the heavens in the evening and at night.

Trafalgar Square in Lahore

You must have seen or learned about Trafalgar Square if you've ever visited London. Although Trafalgar Square in the Bahria is not that large as the original, it provides you withthe impression of being London. With the imitation of this London monument, you can take amazing photos.

Safari Villas Zoo Bahria Town

Safari park is a tiny zoo constructed in a beautiful way within the town premises of Bahria. It contains up to 9 various animal species. It's an excellent location for children to enjoy. You can go into the zoo easily and see all the lovely animals making noises. This is also a nice location for a peaceful walk.

you can find more exciting areas in the town of Lahore. But Bahria town solely gives you exciting and best places to invest your leisure time.


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