What Is 2019 Offering to The Future of Pakistan Real Estate Market?

Most of our readers must be anxious about the real estate forecast of 2019. It is quite normal for the potential investors too as they also want to know what lies ahead. As our regular readers know that the real estate forecast is the most awaited post on Rightdeed.com. That is why we have brought this article in the above-mentioned perspective we will entertain our followers about the further shake-up in the real estate market. Before discussing the 2019 forecast we must have a bird’s eye view of the discuss an overview of the 2018 real estate situation.

Review to 2018:

In 2018, we observed that the real estate market is in an active progress about folks as well as in construction point of view. We also observed property frauds/scams and scandals at various places. So, it is a curiosity of folks to know about the upcoming status of the property market.

Anyhow, Market has proved to be the most lucrative investment terminal in 2018 and for the past three decades. The attractive returns combined with low tax and estimation absorb a considerable chunk of investment to get the profit back.

We have seen massive growth in few areas in 2018 including probably each state of Pakistan. It seemed to be a competition for developers who wanted to grow the market at a standard level. Quetta, Baluchistan, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad and many other considerable areas of Pakistan can be included in that list. Developers are looking for the engaging spots of states to attack the folks for profitable investment.

Present market condition:

If we talk about those who are looking to make the best investment, prevailing estate scams make people sensible enough to decide why, where and how to invest in real estate market. And 2018 exposed a number of property scams.

From last month property rates are getting down due to the extending Platform of real estate which is providing the people more chance to invest in property to make it an asset.

2019 forecast Real estate Market:

The market will be rational in perspective of constructions and making choice. It will be a stable market offering bounteous opportunities. Rightdeed only discusses the safest investments with the maximum potential to prevent you from scams and worthless investments.

Properties which are best to invest are as follows:

  •        Gold crest Lahore
  •        City mall Lahore
  •        Palm city, Gwadar
  •        Mannan Town
  •        DHA Multan
  •        DHA Gujranwala
  •        DHA Peshawar
  •        Master City Gujranwala
  •        Pearl city Tower Faisalabad
  •        Waqar twin tower Karachi

Considering the safety measures, risks and profitability we selected the areas. There are also many of opportunities in all over Pakistan we are discussed in our blog.


Farm house opportunities in 2019:

In 2018 it is observed that people want western opportunities with nature touch and interested to buy the farmhouse lands which provided the developers a chance to offer the natural figure of housing with modernizing facilities.  Farmhouse projects may gravitate due to the demanding standards of living. Market prices of property are also getting low, in this contest, it will be a great opportunity for nature lovers to buy farmhouse land.

Commercial and residential status:

There are a lot of opportunities for housing and residential properties but now people are looking for the all-in-one opportunity where they can enjoy the flexible opportunity of secure wall housing and commercial facility. It will be the first consideration of developers to offer an attractive lifestyle to the residence at reasonable prices.

Property tax announcement:

In the conditional contest of current announcement by the government that people who buy the land more than 50 Lakh have to pay tax, which may vary according to the range of investment that someone makes. Property trend may decrease but it will not be a long-term drop of the market, people will find the ultimate solution of this issue to utilize the fortuity of market drop.


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