MPCHS Multi Gardens, B-17 – G Block’s Features and Prices

Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan and the 2nd most beautiful capital city in the world. This city is best known for its beautiful landscapes and natural greenery around it. Multi-Professional co-operative housing society (MPCHS) is one of the renown housing societies in the city that adds new dimensions to the beauty of the city and providing excellent facilities to the people of Islamabad. Multi Gardens is a project of MPCHS which was started in 2004 and since it doesn’t look back and has enjoyed success in the real estate business

This housing scheme has shown consistent progress over the years and gained the interest of the many investors and to deal with such a great response from the investor the developers have decided to launch Multi gardens G block for its customers and provides better facilities to its residents and maintain a high living standard in the region.

Expected Launch of G Block

There was consistent excitement exists after the announcement of the G block and the availability of new plots in the region. First, it was expected that the G block will be launched before the holy month of Ramadan but when this prediction goes wrong it is expected to be launch in between Ramadan. Nevertheless, according to some sources the unveiling of G block will take place in the month of June this year and it is expected to be held in 10 – 15 days after Eid-ul-Fitr. So, anyone is looking to buy beautiful plots in the B-17 Multi gardens G block, he must wait a bit.


Multi gardens are in the sector B-17 of the beautiful city of Islamabad near the Margalla hills that provides a lucrative spot for investors to an investor in the housing scheme. Block G is expected to locate near to its predecessors (Block F, E, and others) and lies near the motorway interchange. Location is an important key to any housing scheme’s succession and by judging the location of G block it can be assured a lot of success is coming.


MPCHS Multi gardens have quite built a status regarding providing excellent facilities to its residents and these facilities combine with the natural beauty of the location tempts other buyers and investors to invest in the regions. Here are some of the list of services of G block that will be provided to its residents.

  • Mosques
  • Underground electricity system
  • Community centers
  • Boundary walls
  • Top educational institutions
  • World class restaurants
  • 24/7 security
  • Lakes
  • Park and play areas
  • Other utilities like water and gas
  • Filtration Plant


Plot Size and Prices

The prices for plots in G block differs with the size of plots, the housing schemes are offering plots of 5 Marla,8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla and 1 Kanal and the prices in these plots in G block are as follow:

Plot Size                                Price range in PKR

5 Marla                                    2.445 million

8 Marla                                    2.885 million

10 Marla                                  3.785 million

14 Marla                                  4.685 million

1 Kanal                                     6.36 million

In case of Lump -sum payment the prices of plots are as follows:

Plot Size                                Price range in PKR

5 Marla                                    1.93 million

8 Marla                                    2.30 million

10 Marla                                  2.99 million

14 Marla                                  3.71 million

1 Kanal                                    5.02 million


Installment Plan

The installment plan consists of an initial payment and the remaining amount can be paid in equal 16 installments quarterly.

Plot Size           Membership Fee       Initial Payment     Installments   Total Amount in PKR

5 Marla                  10,000                        685,000                   115,000              2,445,000

8 Marla                  10,000                        735,000                   135,000              2,885,000

10 Marla                10,000                        835,000                   185,000              3,785,000

14 Marla                10,000                        935,000                   235,000              4,685,000

1 Kanal                  10,000                       1,080,000                 330,000              6,350,000

Why should Invest?

There always one question remains in the mind of the investors and buyers that, Why should they invest their money in any project?

So, in the case of G block the answer will be that the project will suit both in short term and long term for the investors because of the motorway interchange as block G is located near the motorway so, its naturally the prices of the plots in this area will get high with the passage of time so investor can make profit from it and anyone who is looking to get profit from this project MPCHS Multi Gardens B-17 will have to wait 18-24 months.


That’s all about G block from MPCHS Multi Gardens B-17 if anyone wants to invest in this project and have some queries related to it, He can comment in the comment section or visit for further discussion.


  • Muzammil Asif

    March 29, 2019 AT 11:51 PM

    Should I invest in G-Block ?? It looks like it will about 3 to 4 years or even further to develop.

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