9 Electrical Wiring Problems in Homes and their Solutions

Whenever light goes out we first blame the power system of our country, but for what reason do we accuse country's energy framework without checking the poor wiring inside our home? It might be obsolete and won't be productive in providing power to the machines, hardware, and lighting.

The wiring of the house is very important in every aspect especially safety of the house members from the electric shocks. The poor wiring causes many electrical issues in our homes and probably the main reason for high electricity bills. so, while considering family unit electric appliances, your security is the primary objective. On the off chance that you are confronting many electrical problems.

Here are the some of the electrical wiring problems and their solutions

Electrical Surges

This type of problem mainly occurs due to the poor wiring, lightning strikes and faulty electrical appliances, this problem longs only for microseconds but leads to permanent damage to the electrical devices. Check that electrical appliance that interfaces with the home framework or the wiring and takes a stab at disengaging the low-quality power boards or gadgets from the outlet. If the surges don't happen once more, your concern is unraveled. On the off chance that it isn't, you should call an electrician.


Overloading means the excessiveness of load on the power system which happens due to the excessive use of electricity. This problem leads to overheating which ends up burning the whole appliance. The overheating can be very unsafe, and can even prompt house fires, so you ought to have this issue settled quickly. Furthermore, guarantee that high electrical appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and cooling systems have their own circuits with the goal that an excessive amount of load isn't put on a single system.

Uncovered Switch Box

Switch box or also junction box is a box which contains lots of wires and if it is not properly covered it can cause electrical shocks to the inhabitants. The solution to this problem is to fix the box immediately so no one could get shocked by it.

Flickering of Light

The prime indicator of low-quality wiring is light flickering, Flickering means variation in the voltages of the appliances. Sometimes what happens that the in case of light bulb the glow of the light bulb increases or decreases with irregular time cause overloading. To solve this problem, call an electrician who can immediately deal with the problem and the electrical wiring of the home system must be done in a good way, so you can save from these incidents.

Electrical Shocks

When the electrical wiring system of the house is not in the proper condition it results in electrical shocks. This shock can happen when you switch on or off the electrical device which indicates poor wiring. To remove this issue, check the device with an alternative or directly call your electrician for further assistance.

Use of Aluminum Wires

Most of the time people usually use aluminum wires instead of copper wire. Aluminum is a cheap source for wiring, but it contains hazardous effect when the high voltage applied on it. So, to save some money people usually risk their family lives to that wire. So, always use best available copper wires for the wiring system.

Circuit Breaker Tripping

If the circuit breaker of your house trips with regular interval of the time its mean there is some problem in your wiring system so to reduce this effect change the wires of the system with new one and contact your electrician for this purpose. This will spare you from the steady issue of flipping the electrical switch from the main board.

Power Sags

Power Sags are hollows normally happen when the power grasp is broken, and electrical appliances are associated with it. It likewise happens when the network is made of low-quality materials. At the point when this is the situation, it draws more power when the switch is on.

High Electricity Bills

If you are getting high electrical bills due to bad wiring system and encountering electrical surges or have open circuits not associated with any outlets. So, to reduce electricity bills some precautions must be taken

  • Repairing harmed circuits or wiring
  • Unplugging electronic appliances when not being used
  • Relying on a cost-effective service providing organization
  • Recognizing power surging devices

If you are facing such types of electrical wiring problems and you have some queries related to the issue you can visit rightdeed.com for further assistance.


  • syed ahmad

    July 10, 2018 AT 12:11 PM

    great tips

    Abdullah Imran

    July 11, 2018 AT 08:40 AM

    some of the basics are essential for everyone to know as I think it takes only a few minutes to rectify these problems without any help of a professional electrician.

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