Contemporary Office Furniture and Layout Trends For 2018

Office furniture designs and trends constantly get updated. They have become even more cool and help you to enhance the productivity of an office.

Here are few furniture designs that can make your office look a lot more sophisticated and modish. 

Latest Trend — Open Floorplans

In offices, large open floorplans are really in, so it is better to go for them.

Standing Desks for Healthy Office Environment

Standing desks promote a healthy office environment and it helps to find themselves (employees) more productive standing rather than sitting.

Glass Walls

Many companies are building conference rooms with glass walls in order to maintain and open office layout.

Comfy Lounge Area

  • Happy employees are the most productive ones.
  • A lounge area that is comfortable where you can play games and do other activities, as well as a full kitchen — these features are attracting many people and is becoming more common day by day.

Collaborative Workstations

It’s a great idea because when people sit together, the environment gets collaborative – full of ideas.

Branding Helps in Promoting Company Culture

Branding is something that tells the story of the company. It tells what the company is about – what their moralities are – and what they are conveying through their office environment.

Whiteboard Walls

Modern offices have very few walls, due to the open floorplans, but there are some walls that use special paint that turns them into giant whiteboards.

Cloud-Based Computing

  • You can find many departments and firms that are moving physical files to the cloud.
  • Cloud-based computing diminishes the office layout which is essential for copying, filing, storage, and printing.

Comfy Workstations for Laptop Work

  • You can find many companies that are creating comfortable areas for their office.
  • These comfortable areas are filled with couches and beanbag chairs – to provide employees with a place where they can relax and work on their laptops at the same time.

Organize Your Office with Different Colours

There are some offices that integrate different colours in unexpected ways and try to be at the vanguard of offering a variety of colour spectrum of accessories, fixtures, and furniture.

Exclusion of Allotted Seating

  • The meaning of ‘open office environment’ is the exclusion of assigned seating.
  • There are many offices that allow their employees to do their assigned work from any available station.

Eliminate Wires and De-Clutter Desk

  • There are many things like laptops, wires, paperwork stuff and personal items, that can easily make a room full of open desks appear to be much jumbled.
  • ‘Under-the-desk’ organizers are quite famous, as they make a clutter-free open office environment.

USB ports

  • You can find USB charging ports on desks, wall outlets, and task lights.
  • Employees must have the ability to re-charge from each and every possible area in an office.

Fitness and Health of Employees should be the main concern

  • The health and wellness of an employee is something that must have to be focused, as numerous larger companies are building on-site fitness centres.
  • If space allows, it is one of the great ways to keep your employees fit and happy.
  • Employees spend more than 8 hours inside the office which brings more natural rudiments into the workplace — and the workplace provides more benefit.
  • Plants also affect the environment of the office – and produce an element of nature which is also helpful in keeping the air fresh and pure.


  • Shuja Haider

    June 1, 2018 AT 12:40 PM

    can't agree more, employers must take great care that the furniture especially chairs at the workplace should be comfortable enough for them

    Abdullah Imran

    June 1, 2018 AT 02:25 PM


    Muhammad Imran

    June 8, 2018 AT 05:48 AM

    good article

    ahsan mirza

    June 19, 2018 AT 04:46 AM

    Good article, covered all the important things which should be kept in mind before designing an office. Being a Senior Architect in IHA Design Works Lahore, I find this article very informative and helpful.

    ahsan mirza

    June 19, 2018 AT 04:47 AM

    Good article, covered all the important things which should be kept in mind before designing an office. Being a Senior Architect in IHA Design Works( Lahore, I find this article very informative and helpful.

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