Are you interested to buy a plot in Shadman Enclave? Here are all the details!

Shahdman Enclave Housing Society is a fresh start in the edges of the city. A venture of Shadman designers, this private complex has been propelled based on best town arrangement. As a standard living group, it will highlight all offices which are being offered at an affordable price. Giving a lot of comforts expected in the all-around created group, this mega housing scheme has special budget-friendly offerings in the list. When completed, it is going to be a one-stop living solution in a guarded terrain.

Where is it located?

Shadman Enclave is located at the Faizpur Interchange, near Sharaqpur Ext Toll Plaza. While the venture is, in fact, part of Sheikhupura, its vicinity to essential advancements in Lahore makes it no less appealing. Notwithstanding that, a wide system of streets associates it completely with all parts of the city, particularly those situated in city's north. So normally, the general public is fit for individuals hoping to move far from congested parts of the walled city without spending a fortune on purchasing another property.

Other lodging social orders offering the area to Shadman Enclave incorporate Al Jalil Garden, Al Rehman Garden Phase II and Jinnah Garden.

Project Details

It is a project of Hassan Zaman Construction Company. The engineer has additionally worked with known developers for foundation advancement.

Shadman Enclave is one the quickest developing construction organization and playing out the real part as Real Estate Broker countrywide. Increments, development, and renovating of shops and homes for the private and business venture are a specialization of Shadman Developers.

Rising Reputation of Shadman Developer is an embodiment of the administration of their expert master's specialists, temporary workers, organizers, and structures. Their work in coordinated efforts and joint endeavors is acquainting world-class private offices with the general population have a place with any piece of the world.  

Available Amenities

This society was launched in December 2016. There are 12 blocks present in the Shadman Enclave Society; Block A, B, C, D, E, E-1, F, F-1, G, H, I, M-1, M-2 and M-3. It is expected that more blocks will be launched when more land is acquired.

Being a planned lodging society that is walled, gated and secure, the pleasantries here incorporate:

  • Underground electricity, water and gas
  • Proper parks jogging tracks and Gymnasium
  • Expansive roads
  • Mosque
  • Hospital
  • Cinema
  • Devoted commercial area
  • Reliable Sewerage System
  • Monitored entry and exit points

Development Details

From the look of current development status, Akhtar is confident that the developer will allow property ownership in Blocks A and B and furthermore for more business plots by the second from last quarter of the year.

Advancement work is in progress in the society, where the covering of main roads and tree plantation is in progress. It is normal that a significant part of the road system will be fit as a fiddle in two or more blocks of the society.

Ownership is accessible for business plots close to the society’s entrance. As per Muhammad Shahid Kalim Akhtar of Sky Limit Property Solutions, development of some business units is additionally in progress, while some of them are prepared.

Plots and Price Ranges

Shadman Enclave isn't pointed towards an indigenous class. Or maybe, it has come to serve ordinary citizens. It offers a superlative way of life and endless living facilities to the general public of Lahore and elsewhere in Pakistan. The society focus on a greater scope of buyers by offering residential plots in different sizes; 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 14 marlas, and 17 marlas. Influencing the property to buy a considerably more helpful issue for the purchasers, the developer offers them on a three-year installment plan. The developer is committed to grant property ownership when the installments are complete. The details of payment plan are given below:

Plot size          Down payment          Monthly installment            Total price

5-marla           PKR 200,000                    PKR 20,000                    PKR 2,200,000

10-marla         PKR 400,000                    PKR 40,000                    PKR 4,000,000

14-marla         PKR 500,000                    PKR 50,000                    PKR 5,500,000

1-kanal           PKR 750,000                    PKR 75,000                    PKR 7,500,000

To seek professional consultation about buying a plot in Shadman Enclave, you can talk to Shahid Kalim Akhtar of Sky Property Limit at +92-301-848-4963.

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