Are you confused about Exchange and Registration of property? Here is the solution of your problem!

If you are among those people who usually get confused about property matters and fail to differentiate between property exchange and registration, then this article is for you. People often fail to differentiate the concept of property transfer and property registration. We get a considerable measure of questions, identifying with the legitimate parts of property exchanges. There are different things that should be considered for each exchange, large numbers of legitimate nitty-gritties that must be appropriately managed. Therefore, it is critical that this issue is legally analyzed and comprehended with every one of the difficulties that it postures. This blog, particularly discusses the difference between the exchange and registration of property.

Assessments of legal experts

As per Waqar Latif from Masood and Masood, Corporate and Legal Consultants, the main difference between the two is that the exchange of property is from one vendor to the next purchaser, though, registration is done for the sake of the present purchaser. He additionally included that both delineate a phase astute process, requiring broad coordination with legal specialists. Both of these are lawful contracts that binds all belonged parties and thus to manage them all in the same way.

Waqar Latif from his personal difference pointed out that people are usually unaware about the procedures of property exchange and property registration. This issue arises in the case of death of any family member. He included that if this situation occurs, people should solve this issue as soon as possible with legal help. They should not drag the situation as it may lead to more complications.

Nazia Ali from Nazia Law Associates also agreed with Waqar Latif's assessment that it is a phase shrewd process. She additionally included that for each exchange of property, enrollment must also be done in the new purchaser's name. This, she added, is to be done with a patwari. On the off chance that the exchange is to be done by a lady, a neighborhood commission is set up, that fills in as a contact between the patwari and the lady to complete these lawful obligations.

Chaudhry Ijaz Ashraf, a legal counselor from Ashraf and Ashraf Law Firm additionally partook in Waqar Latif's perspectives that the vast majority of the issues that happen are in instances of death of a man who abandons legal beneficiaries. He included that if such situation happens, Declaration of Property is to be made, which is a lawful pronouncement. He indicated that this pronouncement is taken from the income office and that following this, a daily paper advertisement is likewise set. After which a time of fifteen days, the court pauses and makes no move facilitate along the predetermined advances. These are the initial steps for formalizing the procedure of exchange and moving towards enrollment.

In the event of offering the property, Chaudhry Ijaz said that there is an Agreement to Sell that will be marked by the invested individuals. Moreover, he featured that the procedure requires three things;

  • Offer: the proposed estimation of trade
  • Thought: method of paying
  • Acknowledgment: the last trade of merchandise, connoting that the arrangement has been made


By considering all these statements made by legal experts, it is concluded that the procedure of both exchange and registration of property is a legal issue and ought to constantly be managed along these lines. Instances of change are certain, yet the soonest you take this up with the help of a legal specialist, the better you will be in setting up things. This procedure can take up to 2-3 months, attributable to the distinctive slacks that are indicated.

This was a general issue and we got so many queries in the past days about it, so this is the right article for people want to know the difference between property exchange and property registration. In case of any query let us know with your comments.

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  • Shuja Haider

    June 1, 2018 AT 06:21 PM

    is there is any stamp duty or tax applicable on exchange?

    umer malik

    June 21, 2018 AT 05:49 AM

    in my opinion, no.

    Malik Rasheed

    June 25, 2018 AT 11:42 AM

    thank you for summing it up

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