Your House Has Something to Say About You, But What Is It?

You can get a lot of home options, but make sure that what you choose is best for you! But on the other hand, how’d you figure out which house is better for you? Well, don’t worry about it! We’re here to help you out with this confusion. In this blog, you’re going find a guide to all the house features. A jumbled household can tell a lot about the family members of the house and just like that, a house can tell each and everything about you.

You can find plenty of options from where you can buy a house, however, if you get confused, consider the following options before buying one!

Bright Exterior

When the exteriors of the house are painted in light colour palettes like; crème, beige and white, the house automatically becomes bright and lit brightly at night. And if the grass is freshly cut, then the whole house will look well-kept. But, such houses always require unceasing maintenance work, and need to be taken care of in every season.

You can keep the interiors of your house in lighter shades (all-whites), it’s also better, especially if you have a smaller family with grown-ups (teenagers-adults). But if you have younger children, then maintaining this “all-white” theme can be literally impossible and can become an arduous thing for you.

Greenhouse For People Who Love Nature

Just like a typical greenhouse, this house is a place where everything grows. The vegetation shows that the people of the house love greenery and love to get surrounded by nature. In Pakistan, majority likes money-plants as it’s observed that they are potted in almost every house. Old vines growing from the garden and going up towards the balcony can give a pleasant environment. This also makes the air clear for you and your family; plus, it creates a friendly environment for your relatives and other visitors as well.


Most people love to have pets in their houses, as it is a way of developing healthier relations. People will think of you and your family as nurturing especially, if you have pets in your house. However, despite their indebtedness for your devotion to these lively creatures, people would expect you to keep your house more sparkling and aromatic.

It’s essential to keep your pets clean. Also, get your pets vaccinated regularly. Your acquiescence to these instructions will ensure that the visitors are having a good and pleasant time at your place; as well as, it will also help people to trust you better with hygienic issues. Nothing is better than a clean pet-friendly house because, such houses always grab the attention of people and make them definitely fall in love with your house even more.

 Boho-chic Theme

Everyone is unique in their own way and this makes it impossible for a person to pick a single theme for the entire home. If you want to live in a freestyle house, then you will be considered as a free-willed spirit. You won’t have to follow any rules. The boho-chic theme is exceptional, but most people wish to keep up with the neighbourhood rules and want to be friendly. Though, it’s all about time!

So, now this makes it a lot easier for you to figure out what your house says about you. Do you have any questions related to this blog? If you do, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.


  • Shuja Haider

    June 1, 2018 AT 06:49 PM

    Boho-chic theme is so girly or you can say only looks good on weddings and other similar occasions

    Shuja Hassan

    June 8, 2018 AT 12:02 PM


    Malik Rasheed

    June 25, 2018 AT 11:46 AM

    Construction of a greenhouse is such a great idea but its nearly unrealistic to be implemented in Lahore

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