Al Faisal Enclave: A Golden Opportunity For Investors

Al-Faisal Enclave is one of those rare housing schemes that offer 100 % of landholding even before its formal opening has took place. In addition, the management of Al-Faisal Enclave is providing all the premier facilities not less than any of the reputable societies in Pakistan and abroad. Whether if you are looking for investment opportunities or for plots on instalments in Islamabad International Airport’s locality, Al-Faisal Enclave should be your preference due to the following reasons:

About The Developer

Al Faisal Enclave is a project of the Pak AMAFHH Contractor Associates, Sujo Hunza Real Estate & Builders, and Silkway Business Associates. It is a joint venture of these companies and they have a rich background in the development business. Their dedication and commitment to their project can be witnessed from the facilities and amenities they have made a part of their project from the very beginning. The main purpose behind the all these efforts is to provide opportunities to a large number of people from every state of life to own a home in Islamabad.

The Amenities and Services

Al Faisal Enclave has some really amazing amenities and services which were never offered at that payment plan . Some of these are as follows:

  • Emergency/ Disaster rapid response teams.
  • Gated community with round the clock security services with CCTV cameras.
  • Building and construction codes for safe living environment.
  • Standard central filtration water plant according to the WHO standards.
  • Insurance services for property.
  • Data cable connection at the doorstep.
  • Environmental impact understood and taken care of.
  • 6-lane Kashmir Highway proximity, leading to airport and main city hub of Islamabad.
  • Concealed/ underground Gas and Electrical connection at the doorstep.
  • A separate Health & Safety Department.

 About 50 % of the society area is strictly dedicated to the following facilities:

  • A small dam
  • Fruit Orchards
  • Medical Center
  • School
  • Recreational Centers for Senior Citizens, Kids and Women
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Swimming pools
  • Fishing Points
  • Markets with quality food outlets
  • Children amusement parks with Jogging tracks
  • Cricket, hockey and volleyball grounds
  • Gymnasium and indoor sports facilities for men and women
  • Graveyard
  • Parks

Easy Payment Plan

Payment plan is quiet easy as  can be made in the form of a 20% down payment, with the remainder to be paid in 12 quarterly instalments. Moreover, according to details provided by Khan, possession is already available in the housing scheme and it can be received on 70% payment completion. Below are the details of the payment plan:


S.N0.   Plot size         Total Cost      Down payments (20%)   Quarterly installment

1          5 Marla            1,250,000/-                  250,000/-                           83,333/-

2          7 Marla            1,750,000/-                  350,000/-                           116,666/-

3          10 Marla          2,500,000/-                  500,000/-                           166,666/-

4          14 Marla          3,500,000/-                  700,000/-                            233,333/-

5          1 Kanal            5,000,000/-                  1,000,000/-                         333,333/-


The Apartment cost and Payment Schedule is as follows :


S.N0.   Apartments    Rates              Down payments (20%)   16 installments(4 year plan)

1          500 Sq. ft        2,100,000/-                  420,000/-                     105,000/-

2          650 Sq.ft         2,730,000/-                  546,000/-                     136,500/-

3          1250 Sq.ft       5,250,000/-                  1,050,000/-                  262,500/-

4          1650 Sq.ft       6,930,000/-                  1,386,000/-                  346,500/-


The Payment Plan For Main Commercial and E-1 are as follows:

(Main Commercial)

S.N0.   Plot size         Total Cost      Down payments (20%)   Quarterly installment

1          1250 sq. ft.      4,375,000                    875,000                       291,666

2          1800 sq. ft.      7,000,000                    1,400,000                    466,666

3          2500 sq. ft.      9,722,223                    1,944,445                    648,148

4          4500 sq. ft.      17,500,000                  3,500,000                    1,166,666


(E-1 Commercial)

S.N0.   Plot size         Total Cost      Down payments (20%)   Quarterly installment 

1250 sq. ft.                  2,500,000                    500,000                       166,666

1800 sq. ft.                  3,937,500                    787,500                       262,500

2500 sq. ft.                  5,125,000                    1,025,000                    341,666

4500 sq. ft.                  10,000,000                  2,000,000                    666,666


Please do not forget to share your precious opinion after reading this article about Al Faisal Enclave, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • Abdullah Imran

    May 10, 2018 AT 10:43 AM

    its really a economical plan, after reading this article i'm planning to visit it in a day or two. InshaaAllah.

    Umer ali

    June 1, 2018 AT 06:56 PM

    kindly update others about your visit?


    May 17, 2018 AT 11:25 AM

    still in doubt is it really worth the investment or not?

    Umer ali

    June 1, 2018 AT 06:56 PM

    i think it is

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