Katpana _ A coldest dessert over the clouds!

Skardu, due to its immense beauty is a unique place to visit. Along with those brownish mountains surrounded by green valleys, there is something else which makes this place beautiful and amazing. That place is Katpana, the coldest desert in skardu, situated on the heights of skardu. Usually, deserts are the places having hot winds, but Katpana is a desert that makes you shiver with its blowing cold winds.


Katpana happens to fall in Skardu, which is a town and furthermore the capital of Skardu District, in Gilgit-Baltistan. Skardu is a valley having length of 40 kilometers and is spread over the width of 10 kilometers. It is situated at the intersection of the Indus and the Shigar Rivers. Skardu is at an elevation of around 2,226 meters (7,303 feet). The town is surrounded by grayish-brown mountains. Katpana lies in the suburbs of skardu.

Skardu desert is encompassed by huge sand plains at the height of more than ten thousand feet. It is the high desert area over the world. The whole area is surrounded by green valleys covered by vegetation.


The largest space of Katpana Desert is found in Skardu and Shigar Valleys. Katpana Desert is discovered near Skardu town. It is situated at relate rise of 2,226 meters over the water level. This desert is about 10,000 meters above sea level.


The desert may be a form of patch of land on and crosswise over mountains. The Skardu desert, encompassed by valley covered with lavish green vegetation, is said to be the most astounding icy desert on the planet. The temperature here ranges from 27 C (maximum) to 8 C (minimum). However, in December to January this temperature drops down to -10 C. Sometimes this temperature reaches the lowest point of -25 C making this place freezing cold.

Biggest attraction for tourists

This is a standout amongst the most wonderful voyagers' fascination of Northern zones of Pakistan. The captivating thing about this desert is that it is an icy desert with solid breezes bashing the sand rises. The sand that is white, granular and fine is as marvelous as the forsake locales in any piece of the world. Its hypnotizing cool evenings and the radiant sandy view makes it a lofty place to visit. There are extensive sand rises in Katpana Desert which gives a terrific look.

At this high height and icy locale, this desert holds an odd fascination. This is frequently one in everything about first exquisite tourist attractions of Northern Areas in Pakistan. Pakistani tourism is on the boom and I firmly trust that there will be a period when travelers from all around the world will pour into this place and will get a charge out of the merriments, extravagance and appeal that this desert holds.

Best time to Visit this place

The best time to visit this place is summer because it is extremely cold in winters. In summers this place looks brighter and more beautiful. In winters mountains are covered with snow so the roads travelling to this place may be blocked due to land sliding.

Make sure you carry all necessary things with you while visiting this place. Although you can get all required things from the market, but it’s better if you carry your accessories with you. Keep warm clothes with you. In case you make your visit in winters, you may require excessive warm clothes. However, it is a lovely place to be.

Means of Transport

You can travel to Skardu via air or by road. Your choice mainly depends upon the time you need to spend around there and on your own likings. The road trip might be extremely wonderful because it is through the Karakoram Highway, which lies alongside the Indus track. By traveling through road, you will take two days to reach your destination. The 2-day excursion will be an exceptional one for you. If you plan to visit Katpana by road, you can choose any of the following routes:


Islamabad—>Mansehra—>Basham—>Dasoo—>Chilas—-> Deosai—>Skardu

Islamabad—>Mansehra—>Balakot—>Naran—>Babusar Top—>Chilas—>Jaglot—>Skardu

Islamabad—>Mansehra—>Balakot—>Naran—>Babusar Top—>Chilas—>Deosai—>Skardu

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  • Umer ali

    May 8, 2018 AT 11:52 AM

    Pakistan is blessed with numerous beautiful landmarks. All we need is to promote our culture by showing the positive image of our homeland then tourism industry will flourish just like other industries.

    Hamza Abbasi

    June 8, 2018 AT 11:35 AM

    beautiful place to visit

    umer malik

    June 8, 2018 AT 11:52 AM

    a worth seeing place

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