Selling or extending---What is more cost effective?

As time passes and families grow, circumstances change. The requirement for a larger home is a necessity that numerous families face with the passage of time. Some may have recently decided to start working from home and require a bit of office space. What do you do? Wind up and move to a larger property? Or on the other hand, extend your present property to the point when it is sufficiently large according to your necessities.

We are here to enable you to find which may be more appropriate—moving or extending.

Is it better to extend your property?

  • When you're thinking about the advantages of extending your property as compared to moving, think about your current property. Is it an apartment? A bungalow? A semi-segregated house? What kind of street is it on? Is it situated in a town? Does it have living area? A basement? How many bedrooms are available?
  • Take a look at the property prices in your general locality and discover what the expenses are of moving from a two-room home to a three-room. Get a sense of the cost of a greater house in your area; having a good handle on the facts and figures is an ideal approach to settle on a choice that what will be most financially effective for you: moving or extending your home.
  • The benefit of extending your property is that it increases the value of your property. A two-room house that has been updated into a three-room house is worth significantly more. Extending on your current property is an extremely feasible option that is cost-effective and saves you from going through the house buying and selling process.

Is it better to sell your property?

  • Building an extension can be extremely tiring and may burn a hole in your pocket as costs and fees will have to be paid throughout the process. Most regions and properties will allow you to make your money back on an extension, but not everywhere.
  • At a time when property prices continue to rise, it can make sense to sell house and progress up the housing ladder that way. So, moving house is more feasible option than extending your property if you do not want to obligate to staying in a property for a long time.
  • However, moving might be a nerve-wracking time and taking your family far from family and friends could be unfavorable. Moving to your present zone to a greater property will be less demanding for your family. You and your family won't need to be constrained to adjust to the new area with new individuals. 


There is no set response to whether it is smarter to move house or extend your present property as it relies on different circumstances.

Extending may appear like the simpler choice at the time yet will even now be problematic to your family's living and may not be as financially effective in specific areas.

Similarly, moving house will spare your current property from transforming into a building site. However, could cost thousands on top of the property costs.


  • Abdullah Imran

    May 9, 2018 AT 12:44 PM

    for me buying and moving is more convenient then planning extensions.

    syed ahmad

    May 28, 2018 AT 10:52 AM

    extensions are such a headache but yeah you can consider it if you have a certain affiliation to a particular house.

    Muhammad Imran

    June 8, 2018 AT 10:48 AM

    thank you for sharing this

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