Tips to make a great first impression of your apartment!

We all have heard the proverb “First impression is the last impression” and somehow have a firm believe in it. In your daily life, if you happen to visit a person or a place, you never forget the things you observed about them at first sight. The first things you see in a person or place somehow manage to stay with you for a lifetime.

Whenever you meet someone for the first time, you prepare yourself very well to look beautiful and charming. So, in the same way when you invite someone special over to your place or apartment for the first time you want your apartment to give a great impression. To fulfill that purpose, you need to invest some time and money. This all begins with a touch of cleaning and embellishment.

More over here are a few tips to make a great first impression of your apartment.

Keep it clean

The initial step to guarantee that your apartment will awe your visitors is by throwing away all the trash so they're strolling into a clean and well-organized space. You may ignore this, but litter or trash might smell really bad, so purge your trash from each room, it just takes a couple of minutes, but by doing so, you can save yourself from any kind of humiliation or embarrassment. Wash all the items such as curtains, towels, and other things that have not been washed for a long time. Sweep your floor, vacuum your mats, carpets and sofa set. Clean the shelves, cabinets, tables and book racks with the help of a duster. Make sure each object of your apartment is dust and stain free. Don’t forget to clean your washrooms and kitchen as these are the places your guests are going to use more frequently.

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Organize some space for your guests

Guests always carry a few things with them either that is some luggage bags, overcoats or hand bags. So, you must already have an organized space to place that luggage or other accessories such as shoes, bags and coats. Think of innovative ideas to reuse old furniture to manage space such as you can use an old table with shelves to keep the shoes. You can even share your closet with them if you do not have extra space.

Use some plants and flowers

You can buy yourself some plants or flowers to make your apartment blooming and bright. You can make your apartment homey by this idea. In case you can’t afford expensive plants or you do not have sufficient time to take care of them, you can buy some artificial flowers. Even those fake flowers give the look and color as real ones. Thus, you can make your apartment more decorative in low budget and without spending much time.

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Arrange extra lighting

Poor lighting is the biggest flaw that makes your apartment feel less welcoming. Dark place rarely appeals to someone. But you can overcome this situation by spending a little amount to buy extra lights and lamps. You can string up some colorful lighting wires in your entryway or in balcony to make the place brighter.

Make use of mirrors

A mirror can be used in many ways to enhance the beauty of your apartment. If your apartment is small, paint your walls in light colors and set a large mirror on each wall. You see double walls through a mirror that gives the look of bigger apartment. You can use a huge mirror in the entryway to give brighter look. You can either hang the mirror on the wall or place it on a table.

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Decorate the walls with something interesting

Wall decor is fundamental to any apartment-decoration exertion, and it's a huge part of what influences your apartment and to make it look like yours. Paint the walls in different colors. Search for some great and innovative wall decor ideas, once you have found them you are just a step away from making your apartment look more attractive and welcoming.

Choose the items for your wall decor along with its placement and arrangement pattern. Try to think of some innovative ideas. Prefer to use handmade cards, photo frames having pictures of your best memories with your friends, families or your favorite places. You can choose DIY art to craft frames to decorate your wall. You can also use shelves to place pots, books or other decorative pieces on them. Choose different collage ideas for your pictures to place them on your wall. 

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