How to Make Your Home more Delightful in Summer?

Mostly, people of Pakistan do not welcome the summer season as compared to other seasons because summer is famous for its dull and scorching heat. In summers, the issue of load shedding is also at its peak. 

This is the reason why summer is not welcomed warmly in Pakistan. 

Summers in Pakistan distress me, if it was not for mangoes, I might prefer to hibernate during the months of summer.  

Despite of the facts mentioned above, we can make the summer season delightful for us by applying different ideas to our surroundings. For instance, we can make it enjoyable and stress-free by changing our house accessories according to the summer season. Remember, every season has its own specialty, hence, you can make summer more special by giving a new look to your house. In fact, renovation and home decoration is also a good remedy to change your mood if you are feeling depressed. 

For this year, make your plan to have some new accessories for your home. ​Here are some ideas given below: 

Go For Bright Colors:  

Enlighten the walls with some stunning texture or pick some brilliant colors like blissful reds, blues, whites or yellows. You can shade each wall of a room with white and pick one wall to be highlighted with a texture utilizing brilliant wall paints. It will give an eye-catching impact when you enter the room.  

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Use Blackout Fabric for Curtains: 

Start with your windows to save your home from the summer vibes. If you want to block sunlight up to 100%, then, you should prefer high-quality blackout fabrics for curtains. These would fully block the heat of the blazing summer sun.

Calming Fragrances and Colorful Vases:

Give a lively look to your rooms, varnish them with regular blossoms kept in vases on closet fronts and dining tables etc. You can also fill and keep some bowls with scented blend and light a couple of fragrant candles to make it more delightful. You can also find many handmade colorful vases in attractive shapes available in the market at very reasonable rates for the decoration of your house.

With a neutral background and furniture in white or earth tone, colorful vases and decoration pieces will appear wonderful. Investing in these things will make your airy living room attractive.

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Cotton Furnishing:

Cotton is the best fabric for bed sheets and sofa cushions in summer. Pakistan creates the world's best quality cotton and this is the reason we can stand to have cotton outfitting in our homes. The fabric for sofa seats and back cushions of the lounge as well as the bed sheets has to be cotton in summers.

Indoor Summer Plants:

Indoor plants are nature's present for detoxifying your home/office.  These plants add a crisp green atmosphere to the rooms you need to utilize much regularly. For a breathing summer home decoration, indoor plants are vital. Indoor plants make your home airy and provide a cool, calming effect to your home.

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