Bahria Town Karachi - What’s happening in this Astounding Housing Scheme?

There's no doubt that the most popular housing scheme in Karachi is Bahria Town as this amazing housing society has managed to grab the attention of both investors and genuine buyers and offers a wide range of property options. In this blog, we are going to provide you all the latest details about Bahria Town Karachi. So, let's find out the latest prices, development and possession status of Bahria Town Karachi and its further projects, including Bahria Golf City and Bahria Paradise.

Well, Bahria Town Karachi has more than 55 sectors, spread over more than 44,000 acres of land. Furthermore, Bahria Town has been also working at few sub-projects, so significant development has been seen by them as well while others still have to see a construction.

Current Situation of Development Work

According to Muhammad Zeeshan of MA Enterprises, most of the development work has been done in Precinct 1. Development work in Quaid Villas and Iqbal Villas in the prior precincts have been mostly completed, while Ali Block in Precinct 12 is also being developed, he added.

Some banks have launched their branches in Precinct 1, and few commercial plots and theme parks are being also developed there, Zeeshan added. Moreover, most of the commercial development has been done solely in Midway Commercial and it's the same place where Bahria Town Karachi’s own office is located.

The developers are trying to work on amenities at a fast pace. It's expected that Bahria Karachi Night Safari will be launched soon and there's a chance that the mosque might get fully developed by the end of this year. However, the theme park is being worked on. Bahria Developers are also working hard on the construction of other precincts, which include; Precinct 28 and Precinct 30. Lastly, villas are being constructed in Bahria Sports City as well, in Precincts 34 to 45. 

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Current Status of Possession

According to Zeeshan, Precincts from 1-15 can be bundled up into a single category which already offers possession or is about to offer possession soon. CEO of Hum Real Estate, Awais Memon made this clear by stating that possession will be available in Precincts 1, 5, 6 7, and 8 explicitly, and in other remaining precincts, it will be available shortly.

Zeeshan explained, that the development work in Bahria Paradise is going on really well and there's a possibility that possession will be available there by the end of this month, March. He added that there's a chance that possession might also become available in Bahria Sports City, which will definitely boost its prices.


Precinct 1 is among the precincts where possession is available. It has 250 sq. yd. plots that hold price amid PKR 10 million to PKR 17 million. Precinct 3 offers 2,000 sq. yd. plots and the prices lie amid PKR 35 million to PKR 40 million, and in Precinct 8, 250 sq. yd. plots are available and the prices range amid PKR 10 million to 12.5 million. 

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 What Does Bahria Golf City Offer?

Bahria Golf City offers following plots:

  • 500 sq. yd
  • 1,000 sq. yd
  • 2,000-sq. yd

The asking premium for golf-course that faces 2,000 sq. yd. plots lie amid PKR 20 million and PKR 25 million. Plots of 500 sq. yd. are located a little away from the main golf course, and are priced exactly the same as their launching price.

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What about Bahria Paradise?

Well, Bahria Paradise offers plots of the following size;

  • 250 sq. yd.
  • 500 sq. yd.
  • 1 ,000-sq. yd.

In Bahria Paradise, Precinct 51 is quite well-known for 500 sq. yd plots and the asking premium in this Precinct lies amid PKR 0.5 million - PKR 1.2 million. Also, the prices are comparatively lesser for both 500 sq. yd. and 1,000 sq. yd. plots in the residual precincts. Even though it depends on the precinct and location, but the asking premium of 250 sq. yd. plots lie amid PKR 0.5 million and PKR 2.2 million. However, in Precinct 52 and 53, the price for a 250 sq. yd. the plot is lower.

Memon also believed that the overall state of Bahria Town’s market was down, but it’s getting improved day-by-day. It’s expected that the prices will surge as development work grows as many precincts have seen most of the development.  

Do you want to invest in Bahria Town Karachi? Do you have any questions related to it? Feel free to talk to us in the comments section below.

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    the Sindh Building Control Authority claims that Bahria town Karachi started without taking any NOC? how is it possible? there were massive campaigns and advertisements all around the country, where was SBCA sleeping back then?

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