How important is the inauguration of Islamabad airport for Zone II real estate?

Interest of investors arose since the announcement of Islamabad International Airport in 2005. As it was going to be one of the biggest infrastructural developments in the city, so visionary guys devised investment plans for future benefits.

  And now the time has come for the entire real estate sector of Islamabad to ripe what it sowed as the inauguration of the airport is expected around 20th April. If you are still planning for an investment in that area, here’s a latest update of some most important housing schemes located close to the airport:

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This project brought the entire area into focus for real estate investors. Since the very first day, TopCity-1 has been one of the best opportunities of investment in the vicinity of Islamabad International Airport. The possession date of next month has also been announced will become available in the housing scheme next month and it is expected that soon afterwards construction will begin. This may coincide with the inauguration of airport making it a golden opportunity for the investors.

Mumtaz City

Though this project is in competition with TopCity-1 in terms of popularity however its prices are relatively higher. The main reason for it is that a relatively larger option of plot sizes is available in Mumtaz City, which in turn has attracted a great number of buyers. Another reason for preferring Mumtaz City over TopCity-1 is its fast developmental  progress.

Gandhara City

As compared to TopCity-1 and Mumtaz City, it is relatively weak in terms of popularity though it shares the same link road as the two. As a result, prices of plots in Gandhara City are also significantly low. Gandhara City can prove to be a potential investment plan for low budget investors.

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS)

 This society is most closely located to the new Islamabad international airport. For those who are planning for a short term investment it is an ideal option as the prices of plots are significantly low here. PECHS is equipped with Facilities like water, Electricity and Sui Gas etc. 24 hours Security and Boundary Wall offers a safe & peaceful mode of living.

 According to major property investors and financial experts the situation for Islamabad International Airport can be closely compared to the Allama Iqbal International Airport lahore and its inauguration. Once the airport was inaugurated, the prices of land boomed in the area surrounding it. Same is the case of PECHS.

 In addition it is the only society which is offering possession to its buyers. It is a golden chance for those who will work there and may prefer to live near their workplace. In other societies, you may buy plots but since possession or utilities are not available, your dream of constructing a home may be delayed.

Moreover, Islamabad International Airport is going to accommodate more than 15 million passengers each year which will increase the popularity level of that area within months.

 Some of the distinguishing features of PECHS are as follows:

  • A modern Shopping Arcade.
  • A commercial area in every sub sector.
  • 45 feet to 60 feet wide Link Roads / Streets.
  • A Central Mosque.
  • LED lights & sewerage treatment plants.

 PAF Tarnol

This is another housing society that will see groundbreaking growth as soon as the new Islamabad international airport is inaugurated in April. No doubt this project had an unusual slow pace of development since its launch but now the situation is quite inverse. That’s why it is being expected that soon it will attract investors and buyers as well.

 PAF Tarnol is of great importance as far as its location near the airport is considered. Moreover, its Eastern side meets Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway while Southern side faces Fateh Jang Road. G.T. Road is also located only 8 KM away. 

All that along with the relatively low plot rate makes it an attractive option for investment.

As can be easily guessed from the above discussion, real estate in that specific zone depends a lot upon the inauguration of new Islamabad international airport.  

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