Signs That Indicate That Your House Might Be Haunted

Discover yourself pondering that whether you live in a haunted house?

Here are some common signs that indicate the situation and guides what to do.

Everyone does not believe in spirits, ghosts and supernatural. But there are some strange happenings occur in your home that make you think about it and you just can’t explain.

One possibility of this conclusion is that it could be creepy.

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What Type Of Building Can Be Haunted?

While most people think and believe that reason behind this haunting is the old buildings and properties that have a large number of people like hospitals, prisons, and castles.

But the fact remains same that any property can be haunted even a modern one can too.

Still, the concept of old properties cannot be neglected as old buildings and properties surely have haunted feelings due to their history and a long period of time than newer buildings.

Feeling a cold breeze as if someone has walked past you.

Feelings in a ‘haunted’ property:

Feelings of someone standing close behind you.

Feelings of being watched or spied on.

Feelings of being touched by unseen hands.

Feelings of cobwebs on your face or body.

Dark depressing feeling, especially in one particular location.

Feelings of the hair on the back of your neck standing up.

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Signs That Indicate A Building Is Haunted:

Light bulbs blowing frequently.

Sounds of items being dropped – but when you go to investigate, there is nothing there.

Lights turning on and off, or up and down, on their own.

Seeing unexplained shadows from the corner of your eye.

Strange behavior from pets on the property: e.g. dogs barking or growling at something you cannot see, cats staring in a particular area as if they can see someone.

Hearing voices of people, whispers, or someone calling your name.

Sudden temperature drops, especially in one area of the property.

Seeing twinkling lights, mists or unexplained moving shapes.

Spirits Entering A House:

Spirits can occupy and reside anywhere but still, there are some traditional beliefs that these spirits enter and leave through the chimney. The reality is if they want to enter your home, no matter what the condition is, they will enter wherever they wish to. Their entrance and exit will not through the same way.

They usually restrict themselves to a particular area. If they find themselves comfortable in a particular area, it would be very easy to identify them by most of their activity at a single place like spots, extremely cold and feelings of being touched, etc.

Things To Do If Your Home Is Haunted:

You should maintain a diary of events to see if there’s a pattern occurring of mysterious activity. Also think twice whenever the strange things going on started.

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    There's also a sign of Strange animal behavior, A dog, cat or other pet behaves strangely.

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