Best Residential Areas For Renting In Islamabad

Such is the socioeconomics of Islamabad that living in a leased house is exceptionally normal. The high level of salaried individuals of this city needs to live here for their occupations, yet they can't generally bear to purchase a property for themselves. The alternative solution is to rent a flat or a house. Although numerous apartments are leaping up, leasing a home remains a well-known decision.

Purchasing a house for renting purpose is a decent interest in a city like this, however, you can't simply choose a territory spontaneously.  It is important to purchase a house with an attractive appearance. This article is all about localities in Islamabad that is predominant with residents, and their normal rents.

Popular Areas By The Mid Of 2017:

Regarding a number of looks for houses on lease on, following are the best areas:

  • DHA – 5.98% of ventures
  • I-8 – 5.28% of ventures
  • G-11 – 5.13% of ventures
  • E-11 – 6.1% of ventures 

Following is an analysis of these famous societies in light of their normal lease and rental yield. Every one of the information utilized as a part of this analysis is accessible with

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The monthly lease of 10-marla houses in E-11 is approximately PKR 110,793. It is the first priority of the renters – evident from the massive number of looks made for the region. One conceivable explanation behind this is housed here are for the most part recently developed, when contrasted with other CDA divisions. The normal cost of 10-marla houses here is PKR 35,334,078, while the standard rental yield here is approximately 3.8%.

Along these lines, from the perspective of purchasing a home to lease it out, E-11 is an exceptionally lucrative choice.

DHA Islamabad:

The rents and costs are moderately low here, which is a solid contention in support picking it. The normal lease of 10-marla houses here is roughly PKR 61,729, while the normal market cost is PKR 22,841,450. Be that as it may, the availability of DHA from Islamabad is an issue, which is precisely what keeps the rents and costs low. The normal rental yield in DHA Islamabad is 3.2%.


In spite of the fact that Sector I is viewed as less expensive and less rich than other sectors like F, G, and so on., I-8 offers a decent living background. The houses here are generally old, yet their nearness to parks and green spaces more than compensates for this impediment. The normal rent for a 10-marla house here is PKR 95,689, while the normal cost of a 10-marla house is PKR 31,327,328.

The normal rental yield turns out to be around 3.7%, which is very focused when contrasted with different regions in Islamabad.


The normal lease of 10-marla homes is PKR 105,884. It is another locality that is favored by numerous as a result of the comforts and offices on offer. The cost of a 10-marla home is around PKR 35,205,806, and the standard rental yield here is roughly 3.6%.

On the off chance that you analyze these territories, E-11 and I-8 go ahead best from the financial specialist's perspective. Though from the perspective of inhabitants, all the above societies have their up and downsides, and the decision depends on your spending.

Ideally, the article has helped you comprehend the rental market of Islamabad. In the event that you have anything to add, you can say in the remarks segment underneath.

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  • asmaan

    December 26, 2017 AT 03:08 PM

    what about Bahria town for renting purpose?

    Malik Rasheed

    June 6, 2018 AT 07:15 AM

    In E-11, the rents and value of residential flats are so pathetic. therefore people prefer houses as compared to flats. Many flats have become vacant although the rental values of flats have gone down here.

    Abdullah Imran

    June 6, 2018 AT 07:58 AM

    hi, i'm looking for a commercial property on rent in sector g11


    April 29, 2020 AT 08:12 AM

    I am looking for recommended housing communities near the new international airport. Thanks

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