Impact of CPEC on Gwadar- Latest Update

Gwadar’s realty market has appeared as one of the most profitable ventures in the country due to the development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Market activities over here are encouraged and stimulated by foreign investment that is contributed in different projects of power and energy, trade, industry, real estate and infrastructural development.

There are many projects which are very attractive and whose location is dominant by its value. According to some source, the most attractive options are Sangar Housing Scheme which is followed by Makran Coastal Highway and the New Town. So, if you people are interested in investing in Gwadar, you should think about these three options.

Development in Gwadar is promptly under its process. After its development, property prices are expected to increase in a couple of years. According to some source, the fact has come to know that property prices in this region are expected to increase by another 300% in the subsequent three years.

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The local real estate experts are of the view that even though buying has chilled since June 2017, the market will swipe back by July 2018. They point out to the ongoing construction in the area being financed by foreign investment.

According to experts, infrastructural development from Chinese funds has been dogged despite the news of slowed down market activity. They have observed that development projects by the Government have slowed down since earlier June 2017 while other projects which are financed by foreign investment have not shown any change in their activity. 

As Gwadar is the most important region for China Pakistan Economic Corridor so if foreign investment here falls, the prospects for the region’s growth will be damaged. An expert has noticed that the investment in this region has kept on unaffected due to superfluous variables that had harmfully affected realty market in other parts of the country like Karachi.

Another very important factor that experts have observed is the insistent engagement of investors over here. An expert believes that there are very few houses or even projects in this area and there are more investors in this area as compared to genuine buyers. These experts believe that Gwadar is the ideal place to invest due to the expectations of higher rental yield in the country.

Infrastructural development is under its process and not affected in the area. And the foreign investment in the region remains intact in the area due to such development.

According to another expert, market activity remains same for both residential and commercial properties. These experts are constructing their own houses in the residential scheme and expect to have a lot of traffic in the next seven to eight months. The market would certainly see an invasion of investment in the country in the following two to three months.

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    December 15, 2017 AT 12:39 PM

    Sangar Housing Scheme is completed or still under construction?


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