Looking For A Safe Investment Option? Phase 9 Is The Way To Go

Phase 9 town investment is one of the top best opportunity that has ever got in this slow market. The market is influencing towards Phase 9 Town investment. There are multiple reasons behind investment in Phase 9 Town investment. Mostly, investors, one-time buyers, and builders are keenly interested in buying plots in Phase 9 Town investment. The most common reasons behind investment in Phase 9 are as follows.

  1. It is an inexpensive investment having options of 5,8 and 10 Marla with possession of DHA.
  2. Builders are interested to move in because of the low cost of constructing the houses comparatively with Phase 6.
  3. By introducing E block, there is a direct approach to society form Bedian Road.
  4. Phase 9 shows an increase in the number of houses, especially in C block.
  5. Phase 9 is offering a complete community setup with mosques, number of parks and commercial plots.
  6. 9 town is basically a gateway to Phase 9 prism.
  7. The underpass is the next step after the completion of CCA 2 of Phase 6 which has an aim of connecting Phase 6 to 9 Town.

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It is worthwhile to investors and genuine buyers who want to double their investment they must go for DHA Phase 9 town because it is offering cheapest plot prices. There is almost a 3 million difference on 5 Marla plot between Phase 6 and Phase 9.

D block phase 6 plots are around the boundary (limit of the phase) and phase 9 plots are within the community at prime location. Phase 9 Town is a growing and developed community which is providing cheapest rates of plots along with all the basic facilities of life DHA club, bigger parks and Golf course and that is the only major reason why you should invest in it.

It is very easy to enter in Phase 9 town due to the direct approach from Bedian Road and Askari XI. This is the major factor that provides an ease to everyone to get visit the society.

Phase 6 is providing overall lower prices for investment with the construction point of view of 5 Marla. The profit will remain same either you invest in Phase 6 by having higher ROI as compared to any other 5 Marla.

Phase 9 infrastructure includes mosques, commercials as well as ample marks for a complete living style within DHA. It will probably go into 5 Marla community through which its residents will enjoy fully its quality standard living.

The best example would be that you don’t find any plot who has a facing park in Phase 5 but this is not the case with Phase 9 where you will find multiple options.

After the completion of CCA 2 of Phase 6, the next step will surely be the underpass which will link Phase 6 to Phase 9. This is the major key factor that will give the prominent access to Phase 9.

The best example is the M block of Phase 5 where after the completion of the underpass, the prices started to goes up. Phase 9 is following this trend which is based on past experiences an expected to continue.

Phase 9 is handed over by DHA from almost 2-3 years ago and it will continue to grow. The reason behind this phenomenon is that Phase 9 town is the main entrance to Phase 9 Prism. This will be surely a great opportunity for future prospects.

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  • Aslam

    December 26, 2017 AT 02:35 PM

    Yes, exactly Phase 9 is one of the top best opportunity that has ever got in this slow market.

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